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  • Michaela - Perfect for wrangling kidsHere's the short of it: I have an infant and a toddler. An active-not-yet-two-year-old toddler. The stroller is perfect for us.
    -Easy fold/unfold. It's similar to the single stroller version except you grab two handles and pull up
    -Huge under seat basket. It doesn't fit my huge diaper bag (Skip Hop Duo Deluxe) but it DOES fit plenty of shopping bags, a baby carrier, etc.
    -Easy to recline
    -Our toddler can't undo the strap buckle
    -Great big hoods and a window to peek through
    -Comfy and adjustable push bar (is that what it's called? handle?)
    -Fits through *most* doors
    -Accepts an infant carseat (we're using the B-Safe)
    -Fits into the trunk of our Honda Civic-Yay! (I have to remove the carseat adapters)
    -Handles great. My friends are all surprised at how easy it is to maneuver

    -Heavy-ish. But, it's a double stroller, so I accept that this is a nonnegotiable aspect. Not so heavy that I can't lift it up.
    -When we fold it up, the handle SLAMS on the ground and gets scraped up. I blame physics for this one, not Britax. If you rotate the handle all the way forward, it's not as bad.
    -When the infant carseat is attached, it's a bit annoying to engage the toddler hood all the way. The carseat handle gets in the way.
    -The stroller hood, when pulled down, goes under, not over the carseat hood. I don't know why this bothers me, it just does.

    Well, my cons are very nitpick-y, I think. Overall, it's the best possible stroller for-what I think is-a reasonable price point.

    Here's the long story:
    Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I shoulda registered for a B-Agile single stroller and compatible carseat when I was pregnant with our first. I don't know why I didn't. I woulda had the B-Safe infant seat already and set for this second baby. I coulda just gotten the B-Agile double without a second thought. But, I didn't. With our first, I was all, "I don't NEED a travel system. This Maclaren single reclines all the way. It's FINE. It's ENOUGH." And...it was. I had a good setup that worked well with our daughter.

    But. Life is strange and wonderful. Despite being told we wouldn't be able to have any more kids, I got pregnant again when our daughter was 12 months. JOY! FEAR! JOY again! I knew a travel system would make things easier, but it had to be a double. I researched, researched, and researched some more. There weren't any strollers compatible with our Maxi-Cosi Mico in a reasonable price range (I hate you, Bugaboo Donkey). A few of my friends had babies right after me and all got the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe system. They loved it. I was pretty awestruck at how intuitive Britax design is. So easy to assemble and use.

    After lots of back and forth (including trying to win a Bugaboo Donkey giveaway...in my mind it was an absolute certainty that I would WIN THAT STROLLER. Pregnancy.), my mom forced me to make a double stroller decision. By this time, our smushy little son had already been born and I needed SOMETHING. The Donkey dream had died. I chose the Britax. She gifted us with it (thanks, Mom!). And I bought the B-Safe and an extra base. I'm so glad I did. The extra money spent on a new carseat was well worth it.

    I can't even tell you how much easier having a double stroller makes life. A double stroller that takes an infant carseat is even better. Recently, we had to take a 11 hour car trip down south for my Nana's memorial service. The memorial consisted of a few different services in different locations. Thankfully, A) the stroller fit in the trunk of our Civic, so we saved a lot of gas. We were even able to fit the travel crib and bassinet in there too! B) it was comfy enough for our toddler to hang out in for HOURS...she was so patient throughout the whole day! C) easy to fold and unfold multiple times. D) Our son snoozed happily from the car to stroller and back again numerous times. Consequently, he came to HATE the carseat on the way home, but who could blame him? We were in the car for approximately 24 out of the 48 hours of our trip (yes, we're crazy).

    All in all, I'm so glad we have this stroller. The pros far outweigh any cons and it makes life so much easier. I can see how people expecting twins may not find it useful (accepts but one carseat). However, if you have two close in age, this is the right choice.
  • GinaStone - Garcinia Cambogia is great!After seeing this supplement mentioned on the Dr. Oz show, I thought I'd give it a try. Following instructions 3 pills 3 times daily, I started seeing results in a matter of weeks! Very happy with the purchase and Nutrigold is definitely a brand I'd buy again!
  • Red Robot "redrobot" - Wish I'd bought this sooner!Just bought this after a few rough trips this summer without a highchair. This is definitely an item I will make room for in my suitcase until my daughter is ready to sit on her own at the table. I brought this up to a friend's cabin for a long weekend. It attached easily to the multi-leaf table- I just aimed to have it attach to two of the middle leaves so it would be study and safe. We also carried it to the two restaurants that we visited and had no trouble there either. I would echo that this would be nearly impossible to use on your own- someone has to hold the squirming toddler while you get it set up- but it really is quick as long as you have two hands.

    I will use this portable high chair at family and friends' places and will keep this one at my place long after I retire my larger high chair (for young visitors). If we lived in a small apartment, this would definitely suffice as a main high chair, but since we have more space, I've liked the flexibility of moving the highchair around in the kitchen/dining area and the large attached tray for everyday use.

    I would absolutely recommend this product- particularly for independent babies/toddlers that do not like to sit on your lap or be held during mealtime.