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  • C. Reed - Best Phone Ive ever usedThis is handds down the best phone I have ever used! I have used the iPhone4, 4s, Moto Droid, Galazy SII and a number of other Androids as well..

    Skydrive and Office integration (With real time sync and auto upload with sharing capability) is a must have.

    Camera and Pixel Density is better then any phone on the market currently, yes even iPhone.

    App market is roaring to life with tons of new apps daily (Words with friends and Draw something just released)

    Nokia GPS Voice guided navigation is bar none! No robotic voices or data reliant map navigation as maps are downloaded state by state that you choose.

    Gorilla Glass 2 means no scratched on the glass!

    Wireless charging, I never realized just how useful and cool this is, it is more then a novelty.

    Nokia app exclusives like Panorama, City Lens, Smart Shoot, Cinemagraph to name a few and there is Bing vision too.

    Xbox integration with smart glass (control my xbox and content with the phone)

    Movies via xbox marketplace (Like iTunes)

    Xbox music blows rhapsody away as its available on ALL my deivces (PC, Xbox, Tablet, and Windows Phone)

    NFC Tap + Send - send photos and info with a tap to another NFC phone

    Do some serious research on this phone - its a powerhouse!

    I could go on and on - Love this Phone! (battery life is good to, after it settles in for a few full cahrge cycles)
  • Geraldine L. Koklich "Mission Girl" - Where there is no DoctorBest information for medical & non-medical people going on mission trips I have found. I have been on 15 trips to 4 different countries and I always take this book. It's always packed along side my Bible.