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  • Clint Walker "Friar Tuck" - McAfee has come a long way

    Wow. Last time I put McAffee on my computer, it made it nearly impossible to do my normal business on the computer. It was hyper-vigilant when it was not helpful, and yet let virus' in anyway. This time, I can see an improvement. The program is compatable with my other programs on my computer, it does an adequate job of protecting my computer as well. I really like it.

  • DianeB - My IBS is finally gone after 13 years of suffering!

    After 13 years of suffering from horrible constipation and bloating due to IBS (diagnosed when I was 33), I am finally free of symptoms!!! Eight months ago, I was put on an antibiotic that I was told would destroy the bad bacteria in my gut and my symptoms did get better. But over several weeks, the symptoms returned. Every meal, even whole foods, left me bloated and in pain and the constipation returned, as well. A trip back to the gastroenterologist only garnered another prescription for the antiobiotic (which didn't help this time). About this same time, I came across Donna's book and began to incorporate some of her principles, thinking that the levels of good bacteria in my gut were too low to properly digest food. Within days, I could eat and not experience pain. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to go a full day with no symptoms whatsoever. As a test, I tried going two days without eating cultured vegetables and kefir and voila!, the bloating returned. And I am finally "regular" for the first time in 13 years. This book and information have given me my life back. Now I share this information with all of my friends and try to educate them on the importance of our gut health. And the best thing about this book is that it is not another "diet book". It's about lifestyle changes and healing and you incorporate those changes at a rate that is comfortable for you. Thank you, Donna!!!!

  • Alicia Centeno - worth every penny all 50,000 of them

    This cable is nothing short of pure ecstasy. From the military grade high quality copper to the tough durable shoelace-like armor that surrounds it. They've gone as far as adding the directional arrows so that way you don't put it on backwards which you wouldn't want to do that, trust me. I had to put off a car and insurance payment to buy this herculean cable, but it was all worth it considering ill never have to buy another cable again. it was too bad it didn't fit the dvd player (oops) but im still keeping it for when zombies attack or the aliens come down, im sure itll come in handy, i mean for the price it better take off some heads and stuff.

  • Leex3232 - Great, durable bag

    I bought this bag to haul my various electronics and textbooks back and forth to class. The medium size fits my 15" MacBook pro perfectly. I can also fit a binder, water bottle, iPad, and textbook in the larger pocket. There's an ample amount of storage pockets for pens, pencils, wallet, and charging cords. I recently took it out in the rain and while the outside of the bag was wet, everything inside remained dry. Also, the laptop pocket, while not very thick, does provide an adequate amount of protection for my MacBook.

  • Live, Laugh, Love... - Easy & quick installation

    I know everyone says a Mac doesn't catch a virus. But think about it for a minute, how do you know that Mac users aren't in fact carriers? Let's face it passing photos or other attachments from user to user, you don't know who is PC & who is Mac.
    This can prevent Mac users from forwarding a potentially harmful virus! If you access file from home & work using a virtual cloud, this software is nice protection.