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  • Diane Fallon - Dermatend works!I used Dermatend to treat a skin tag and various moles (about 15) on my legs, arms and back. In two instances I had to repeat the application after the scab had fallen off as the first round did not remove the entire mole. It stings a little but is definitely not unbearable.

    Follow the directions and this product works beautifully! Amazing stuff, and certainly beats painful and disfiguring surgical removal. My only criticisms are that it takes a while for the scab to fall off (up to three weeks if the mole is large), there is a HUGE amount of product (so don't buy more than the smallest possible size - the 0.34 oz bottle could treat 200+ moles/skin tags) and it does leave a pink spot that takes considerable time (months) to heal. After two months I still have visible pink spots but the moles are completely gone, so in my opinion the benefits outweigh these temporary pink spots. I also had all my moles checked out by a GP before using Dermatend and strongly recommend others do the same.
  • Meloney - love this tabletI really love this tablet purchased it for my two year old daughter however, I love it so much I tend to use it more often then she does. will be writing a more comprehensive review soon.
  • E. Treants "tree" - Really good upgrade for Kindle Fire - World of differenceActually this was a great Kindle. Ideal for all uses I could put it through. Great connectivity on WIFI at multiple locations and Apps galore. Make sure you go to the App Store every day to check out the free App of the day, sometimes a really great buy. Good reader indoors, not so good outdoors in sunlight, Weight is a little heavier than Kindle Fire, but features make up for the SLIGHT increase. Battery life about the same as Fire. Sound much better than Fire. Make sure you get a cover that has magnetic on off strip, great feature to have and makes a big difference.
  • Staci Leavitt - Pink Floyd actually may have gotten better after Waters leftThe Division Bell is Pink Floyd's crowning glory in their long and storied evolution. Many Floyd fans seem divided between the David Gilmour or Roger Waters camps & I would have to say that I am firmly in Gilmour's, ('cause I too am a guitarist?) I listened to Floyd all through my teens, mainly Ummaguma, Atom Heart Mother, Obscured by Clouds and Meddle & we loved their spacey jams, different melodies and interesting lyrics. Of course Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here and undoubtly two of their finest works and need no introduction. As The Wall was Waters epic creation, he didn't merely do it by himself, though he seems to think so. Gilmour's unmistakeable guitar licks are every bit as memorable and defining as Waters lyrics and concept. Some people think Animals is a good work, but I find it and The Final Cut rather boorish & uninspiring as Waters seems to want to lay out his tired agenda on the fans (and his band mates)and by wanting all the credit. His lyrical & musical talents are indeed remarkable, but it seems that individual egos in a mega band will eventually pull it apart. The Division Bell shows that the "Waters-less" Pink Floyd is every bit as dynamic as ever (of course they said the Floyd was never going to make it after Syd Barrett left too). I came to discover the Division Bell by the way of the Pulse concert video. For whatever reason I had lost track of Floyds music for many years and started regaining interest with a recent purchase of Wish You Were Here, wanting to learn the title track. Like millions of other Pink Floyd fans across the globe it was hard not to be drawn into a keen interest in their music and their history. I read up on them deeply, but more importantly by listening to an array of their works it is not hard to like the Division Bell. Who says Gilmour can't write lyrics? His songs with Richard Wright and others are both musically and lyrically moving and beautiful. There is every bit of the aritistry and characteristic Pink Floyd sound of the Wall years and tours, only better. If you chose to read into some of the lyrics you might find some past issues being dealt with, but thats not the focus of the work. Songs like "High Hopes" and "Coming Back to Life" are great pieces and the album flows with exceptional character, vibrancy and and cohesion. Gilmour's guitar work shines in many facets - gritty & tasteful distortion lead guitar, suttle runs & licks and nice acoustic guitar work. Richard Wright on keyboards obviously plays a great part of the overall sound, just as he did with earlier Pink Floyd works. He contributes both on writing some of the music and lyrics. "Keep Talking" is a tune that seems to revive the theme of insanity or madness or just personal confusion that has been around Floyd's music for long time, yet it still rings fresh & true. Much of the Division Bell is on the Pulse concert video and it is to me one of the most moving concert videos I have ever seen. The Pulse production seamlessly blends Pink Floyd from many eras - "One of These Days" (Meddle), Shine on You Crazy Diamond" (Wish You Were Here), Another Brick In The Wall, the entire Dark Side of the Moon album PLUS the new songs off the Division Bell. In classic and epic Pink Floyd style this concert gives an incredible light and video show. It shows more importantly, however, it is a sincere professional endeavor, by showing Glimour, Wright and Nick Mason (on drums) having fun playing great Pink Floyd music, regardless of who wrote which tune. Those 3 are still a big part of the the Pink Floyd sound and the productions of Pulse and the Division Bell are deep and rich. That they are not saddled by so many of the past hangups and by putting out these two very good productions shows them to be just as vibrant (or more so, really) than the ugliness of the late Waters years. There doesn't seem to be that nagging agenda of cynicism and unresolved issues of those years. The Division Bell is a refeshingly exciting work from a band that has gone through many things in some 35 odd years. I find it soulful and moving and it does what a great album should do by evoking many moods and feelings.