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  • Terrance Osterhout - A Perfect Binder For Models

    For the past two years I have been photographing my muse, model Liz La Point and have needed to create expensive fine art photo books of our work together, but since learning about the Avery Binders, we now have a great place to keep Liz and Liz's photos. I only photograph Liz these days but for years I shot models in NYC and California and could have used a binder like this to keep them in. Who would have thought binders would be such a great place for women!?!

    I have used binders in the office for papers and files, and they do a great job of keeping things organized and in place, but using these durable binders for women takes it to a whole new level. Photographers everywhere will now be able to just pull a binder full of women off of their shelf instead of having to use agencies or model sites. No more calling them or hoping they don't show up for a shoot! With Avery binders, the models are just waiting to be photographed, hoping you will pick up the binder they are in.

    The only question is do they make binders for men too in case I need male models?

  • Tom N - Great computer replacement for non-techies?

    I own multiple tablets (iPad 1st gen, Kindle Fire 1st gen, BlackBerry Playbook). This is the best so far.

    It's mostly the fact that all Android apps just work on it, but it's more. The tablet comes with so many standard devices that phones do, that stuff just works. For example, a GPS for Google Maps a mic for voice input, etc.


    1. Get the keyboard. It completely changes this device's uses.

    2. Turn off the trackpad. It's too sensitive when typing. Ideally, someone could just turn off trackpad clicks, but that feature doesn't exist... so just turn off the trackpad and touch the screen.

    3. Combine with a 4G wifi hotspot device and this thing goes anywhere.

    4. Install the Puffin browser for speedy internet access. It's a little buggy sometimes, but the speed is worth it.

  • Jeffrey F Knakal - Easy upgrade from Windows 7. Beautiful packaging. Affordable price.

    Yes, I am aware that there are a lot of Windows 7 fanboys (and girls) who hate this OS because it does things differently and is new but once you have mastered it and altered it a little with some easily obtainable software you will discover that it is just Windows 7 with a whole lot of Metro thrown on top of it.

    I found the upgrade process to be a breeze. I love the packaging and the price of this upgrade. In a way, it is good news that so many people hated it at first. This motivated Microsoft to release it at an incredibly affordable price and not the usually absurd and expensive cost that previous operating systems sold for in the past.