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  • Charles Drake - Just what we wanted and about half the cost of the one from HondaI haven't installed a Honda rack, but this one looks the same and was easy to install and nicely made. And the Honda Factory Ski Rack fits on this just fine. One issue are the instructions...they are VERY brief and skip some steps like you need to completely assemble them BEFORE installing the posts, which meant I had to remove the posts and start all over again when I realized this.
  • Jonas - Windows 8 - flexible, touchable, and backward compatibleWindows 8 is great for touchscreen computers and also works well on older non-touch computers (using a mouse and keyboard). It really is the best of both worlds. Using the touchscreen is fun and fast, but if you want to use your mouse too (like in Windows 7), no problem. While there is a short term learning curve, in a day or two the mouse and keyboard usage for non-touch computers becomes second nature. Works well on touchscreen laptops, and tablets too (I use all three).

    The degree of flexibility of this OS is amazing and you won't find this flexibility with any other operating systems....I know, I've "been there and done that" with other systems. The touchscreen is really fun to use and makes Windows 8 not only fun, but fast, refreshing, and productive.
  • Sandi - this is life now!!!!no holds barred and with the world changing this is the book to help get rid of the drama people in your life or how to allow them (if family) to be in your life with out being dragged into the mess. A great book for helping children deal with the world today. todays world is a me generation , not like when I grew up and people really cared about each other. don't get me wrong i will raise my children in a lot of the same ways I was raised but they will have an edge on how to deal and spot people and things in the world today
  • golden age superman - Kaspersky continues to shine!!I have been using various incarnations of Kaspersky's Internet Security products for about six years now, and all them but one year have been five stars in my book. (The other year was probably a three and a half for being too slow and too much CPU usage) This year's product installed without a hitch. The only drawback which has been true every year is the excessively long first update after installation.
    I finally converted my Dad to Kaspersky this year. In the past, he had always felt "safer" staying with the company that came installed on his computer. He was none too happy with the other company when Kaspersky found some pretty serious issues on his computer after installing K.I.S. 2012. It has made him a believer in K.I.S. 2012.
    I like this product so much, I would recommend it to my own Dad....[Hey, wait I guess I already did that:)]