Generic Actos - This application of Generic Actos has come out with desirable results in treating type 2 diabetes

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  • J. Maclauchlan "Lab Lover" - Changed my dad's lifeI bought this shirt as a gift for my dad as a joke, but the joke's on me. I didn't realize how much raw power was harnessed by the three wolves and moon. This is not a toy. You will be stopped, praised, and given nods of respect wherever you go. This shirt may cause marital problems if you are a man, because so many women will hit on you. I only wish there were more wolves and moons on the shirt.
  • NAC - Great!I love this pocket booklet. The index in the back is great for looking up the brand names of drugs to find the generic name. The only problem is that it doesn't have the price of the meds.
  • K. Conklin - Works with Panasonic ST30 setIf you have Panasonic 3D television - model ST30 for sure - these glasses will work. I have nothing to compare them to, just determined person when it comes to unreasonable pricing. Panasonic brand 3D glasses seem to be often unavailable and/or too expensive. These glasses were shipped quickly to me from Amazon and I used them last night to view the HBO 3D movies I have available through my cable provider. Color was great, comfort fine, 3D effects enjoyable. Glad I bought them as I did get good price on the television through amazon realizing that active shutter 3D glasses would be an added expense - but still...all good values compared to competing brands. I have to admit I puzzled over the two additional nosepads in the packaging thinking I was supposed to figure out how to add one for comfort. Hey...I'm a senior citizen! Finally realized they are replacement nosepads - not "add on" nosepads. I am trusting the auto turn-off as described in little direction book that says 5 minutes after not in use they turn off. I didn't want to press the on/off button and cause the battery to drain when I wanted them to be off. Obviously time will tell if my passive means of turning off will work over the long term. If anyone here has warning for me in respect to this, please comment. Otherwise, I recommend this purchase!
  • Jeanne Wyatt - COULD HAVE REALLY HAPPENEDAll of us know danger might exist in something we normally do, but don't always prepare after days/months/years of normalcy. However, this book is about the one time something DOES happen and the result to one's physical being, one's psyche, one's emotional well being, etc.

    I was on the seat of my chair during the entire reading and believed it could have been autobiographical. The author did a marvelous job of taking me along on this written trip while putting both the mind of the captor and and the captive in my brain to not allow sleep until I finished the book. I would like to read more by Chevy Stevens.