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  • Shauna Brom "silverchakra" - Perfection!I cannot stand the feel of liquid makeup but tolerated it for years. I never found any that had the right color and/or coverage, lasting wear, etc. Finally, after watching BE on QVC for years decided to give it a try. It is the BEST ever! I couldn't believe it! Where I want a bit more coverage, such as my dark circles or larger pores around my nose area, I apply some foundation with my finger then I use the swirl, tap, and buff method over that and finish with the Mineral Veil powder. It lasts beyond an entire work day for me! If you do perspire it will become whitish where it gets wet but just dab with a cloth or paper towel and it immediately goes back to perfect! No streaks etc. as long as you pat over it. In the fall and winter I really don't have to worry about that. Anyway if you've been on the fence just give it a try. I know no one product works for every person but for me this has been the answer! The prices on QVC are terrific and you can get auto delivery as well. They also have special kits that are not available anywhere else as well as easy pay on many of them. I don't work for QVC, just a very satisfied customer!
  • LaurenB - holy crap it worked!Well like many other cursed women I've been dealing with Bacterial vaginosis for over five years. I literally have tried everything the doctor threw at me, from antibiotics to vaginal inserts to neglecting my husband out of fear sex would make it worse. I recently looked at my medical records because I switched insurance companies and I have been treated for BV 23 times!!!! As I just mentioned I switched insurance companies and was assigned a new OBGYN. She quickly suggested probiotcs and said it would work. I went home ordered the pills and waited an agonizing 4 days to get them. I have been using them for 5 days now and it is a 100% difference from before. I couldn't believe how quickly it helped. I tried the ultimate test with my husband and to my surprise I was still A OK. My BV was really bad, I was showering twice a day with no relief from the symptoms.
    The only downfall, and I'm not sure this has anything to do with the pills. I noticed that using the bathroom (number 2) I would have bad gas cramps that lasted a few minutes. This is a walk in the park compared to BV!
    I hope this helps. I thank god I finally found an OBGYN that knew her stuff!
  • tasha - Great book by Dr Phil!Borrowed this book from the library! Needed to buy one so my nephew could read it. We will have a long discussion after he reads it. Great insight into people. I am able to pinpoint and recognize people's actions. It will help me deal with people more effectively.
    This book is an easy read. Love it!!!!
  • W. Cox "BC" - Works like it shouldPlug n play. It just works. No errors, no glitches after the first month.
    I also have a WD My Passport and it is extremely annoying with its badly named "WD SmartWare" automatic backup software. The Seagate just sits there like a happy little hard drive waiting for a read/write command.