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  • GDKay "GDKay2" - The agendas work!Wasn't hard or overbearing to follow the prescribed agendas in the book. Best part is that they were almost "to the minute" accurate. Got to experience every ride that was operating with a little time to spare. I used Evernote on phone to scan the agendas so I could leave phone at home. Tips for each ride were appreciated ("how wet", "annoying trends for ride line"). Didn't use the restaurant guide since I'm a Trip Advisor contributor (they do a great job of finding locally owned restaurants). Worth every penny invested in book.
  • Rose Murray "Writer - Astrologer" - Align is fineI don't know that a product like this needs a review. My doctor recommended these pills and I find this is the easiest, least expensive way to receive them each month. If you use Align, you won't find a better bargain anywhere.