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  • jackie courtney - I am happyI got it when he said I would and it was package very nice. I set up the pillow and put it in my wifes pillow,other then heavy my wife likes it she woke up with out her head pain the first day. I think for the price it is worth it, you will find the same pillow for 70+ for just one pillow I brought two and it cost less then 60. dollars. I will up date this as we have it longer and let you know if things change but right now she loves it except for it being heavy but I warn her it was heavy cause of the water that was added.
  • Read4Life - Beautiful HybridWhen I first read the description of the book, I was quite intrigued. The idea of combining the classic "Count of Monte Cristo" and juxtaposing against the brilliant wit of the great Sherlock Holmes seemed like a tall order. Skepticism aside, I started the book and finished it within two days because I enjoyed it immensely. I read Count of Monte Cristo in high school and became enthralled with Sherlock Holmes in my years after college. Ever since watching the new "Sherlock" BBC TV series, I've been craving pretty much anything Sherlock Holmes related.

    This book did a great job of re-telling a story that I appreciated in my younger years and it did so using one of my favorite literary/film/TV characters. The story alternates between the story and Sherlock's interactions with his esteemed colleague. The writing was excellent and I thought the transitions were handled very well. When you're writing something that's based on sound literature, you assume character/storyline development is going to be good, but transitions are an are where you might fear the reading to burdensome. Happily, the author pulled it off.

    Age wise, I'd recommend this to well read teens and up. The only caution I must give is that there are references to drug and alcohol use. This is an inherent element of the literary Sherlock Holmes and it didn't bother me, but I know that some people have lower thresholds for what they consider appropriate for a younger audience.

    I think the people who are really going to get the most enjoyment are those that are familiar with both pieces of referenced literature. If you love one element and aren't familiar with the other though, then this is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to something new. Overall, I highly recommend it and I am impressed. Finding good independent fiction isn't easy, but this one managed it.