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  • katieincali1 - Great buy!I love my stroller! It fold up nicely, has a decent basket for an umbrella stroller, and has a great canopy that can completely block the sun! My friends have the Mclearan stroller and I like this one so much better when I compare it to theirs and the best part is it's about $50 cheaper! I've had it a few months and it still feels new...its a good quality stroller.
  • Michael P. Nagle - This work has been life-changing for me.I really can't say enough good things about Esther Gokhale's work. I suffered from chronic neck pain for 3 and a half years, which was particularly aggravated by using the computer or reading (I couldn't do either activity for more than half an hour with being in excruciating pain.) I am now happily reading and using the computer again, and my neck doesn't hurt anymore, and it's all thanks to Esther and her book! (This is something I wouldn't have believed six months ago, before I found her work!)

    I tried all kinds of methods before finding the "8 Steps" book. Anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, muscular therapy and bodywork ... beyond temporary relief from a good massage, none of it helped. I lucked into finding Esther's book through an ergonomics office at MIT - the woman who gave it to me hadn't read it, but thought it looked good! As I flipped through the introduction, I found something deeply compelling about Esther's presentation of traditional posture, and ordered the book that day.

    As it came, I quickly discovered I had a huge sway in my lower back -- something that had never been noticed in my past medical efforts. The mystery quickly unraveled as I worked with Esther's book: my swayed lower back caused a rounded upper back and a very, very forward head: all of this added up to tons of strain on my neck. It became a matter of restoring my pelvis -- what Esther regards as the functional base of the spine -- to a proper position and from there reshaping my spine and restoring my neck to a healthy position.

    I studied daily from her book for a month in Feb. '09 and then went to Palo Alto to work with her for three weeks in Mar. '09. The results have been absolutely phenomenal: I am no longer in pain, and I can read and use the computer again! It is deeply joyous for me -- I was in a state of near euphoria for about a month after returning from the massive relief after years of being in pain. People still remark. months later, as to how I look taller, skinnier, different -- all from my transformed posture!


    I highly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone with back, neck, hip, knee, or joint problems. I have purchased many copies for friends and family, and have raved about it to everyone I've talked to in the past six months. The book itself is a very solid collection of theory and practice -- Esther's theory is stunningly effective and quite common sense simple, and matched up with (as the title suggests!) 8 steps for you to put her ideas to work. She also has support materials available for the book: a 1 hour presentation she gave at Google () and a forum where a teacher of her method (and currently it's usually Esther herself responding) can respond to your questions ( The forum in particular I think makes the book extremely workable, as you have a place to ask questions as you adapt the method to your own body.

    I really can't say enough good things about this work. I couldn't have written something this long six months ago without being in lots of pain! Esther's work has been a godsend for me. If it looks at all of use to you, please give it a try!
  • Kathee Hansen "Mama Gringa" - Perfect Chair!We have shopped for portable chairs like this for a while now. We actually purchased and used another brand and are returning it ASAP. This chair arrived very quickly and was out of the box and on a table in under 2 minutes. Hooray! One person said they had to twist and twist and twist, but we got it done and on the table in very short order. Our table does not have a skirt and is about 2 inches thick. We took it off lickety-split and had it on the breakfast bar instantly. Another person said it didn't come with a promised carrying case...yes it does! It's on the under-side of the seat in a velcro pouch. The seat folds quickly for easy carrying, is made of sturdy, quality material, and is a 100% winner. We love it!

    Happy Grandparents
  • C. M. Chen - Because family comes firstIn this installment of Janet Evanovich's series, Stephanie Plumfinds herself submitting to her mother and aunt's request that shefind out what happened to her penny-pinching Uncle Fred whom no one really liked, much less cared about. In spite of her protests that she is not a detective, Stephanie goes out of her way to discover the truth behind Fred's disappearance...If only her uncle's disappearance was all she had to worry about...High Five is a fast-paced, sharp-edged, page-turning read that will literally leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat by the story's end. I started the Stephanie Plum series two years ago based on numerous recommendations and I can honestly say that each book gets better and better. Evanovich has created a daring and spunky heroine in Stephanie Plum. But even more than that, she has created an incredible microcosm which has its share of explosive situations and hilarious incidents. I recommend that you have Hot Six at the ready once you've completed this installment because you don't want to have to wait a year in order to discover the resolutions to one of the best cliffhangers ever.