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  • Emily Afu - Only thing that works for my hair.I have really overly damaged hair from coloring and have tried so many products to simply get a brush through my hair. I was at my wits end before trying WEN, debating once again cutting it all off and no more crazy color changes. But I got Wen, dyed my hair back to natural color and I'm never going back from this product. My hair is silky, I have to wash it less, I can actually get a comb through it wet which I've never been able to do in my life, AND its actually growing faster!
    Side note- I have fine straight hair, sadly I've noticed that curly hair reviews aren't so great but my husband has thick curls (Turkish and Latin Decent) and his hair has never been better after using this as well and he likes the skipped step of shampoo + conditioner in the shower.
  • E Ann Purvis - Like the ease and taste of the shakes.I purchased this on a recommendation from a relative. I exercise on a regular basis but since losing my mom have been put on blood pressure meds, and other meds that I don't like taking. I drink 1 to 2 shakes a day and know I have lost some weight but not sure how much. I never weight, I go by how my clothes fit. I do feel better since drinking the shakes and I think it has boosted my metabolism some. I mix mine with Silk Almond milk, low calorie orange juice, and low calorie cranberry juices, add a little crushed ice and it is very tasty. I teach school and lunch choices are yucky or boring so I take my shake and get a fruit and that's my meal. The other health benefits is why I chose to try this but dropping a few pounds helps too. Hopefully when I return to the doctor in 6 months, I will get a good report!
  • Joanne - Not a miracle pill but it works!I'd heard all the good stuff about garcinia cambogia so decided to give it a go.

    I bought this product after checking out its HCA content and the amount it gives per day which seems to be more than anyone else.

    I'm not massively overweight I just needed to move 14 pounds or so.

    I decided to do some exercise as well to give myself a chance even though I hate it:)

    Took a few days for the effects of the pills to kick in but I did feel less hungry - not sure if this is the pills or my positive attitude.

    Either way fast forward 20 days later and I'm half way to my weight goal without dieting or killing myself exercising.

    These pills work for me so I will be grabbing some more and hopefully by 6 weeks in I'll have reached my goal.