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  • Full Expression - Just when I needed it!I was drawn to this book in the store just at a point when I had been abandoned by someone who I felt very attached to. I just couldn't stop obsessing with the thoughts about how we were going to eventually get back together. But I knew this was not healthy behavior and wanted to do something about it. This book and the information conveyed helped me see the destructive patterns I was engaged in with this guy and my contribution to my own unhealthy behavior. Furthermore, it described his and my behaviors to a tee, and explained why he/I had acted the way he/I did and the cycle and circle we were drawn to, the codependence and the fears that motivated us to be drawn to each other to attempt to heal those fears (each had the same fears, ultimately). I hope someday that he reads this book or finds out what this book has taught me about why I was drawn to find knights in shining armor, and he was drawn to the nurturing female. If we had been aware of these behaviors during our relationship, it might have even worked since as Mellody explains, even just one partner getting healthy can change everything. If you are a "romantic", but something is not working to keep you in love, then this book may provide some answers for you.
  • T. DeLozier - So far so goodQuick delivery. the pills are large but go down easy. no weird smells or aftertaste! I like that I do not have to take a seperate prenatal vitamin. I will use these daily until our IUI scheduled in December. Keeping fingers crossed that this product will enhance my mucous and ovulation so we only have to do procedure one time. My doctor does not want us doing Clomid yet so after lots of research I purchased these. My husband is happy since he prefers I do as much natural as possible as I have had side effects form various prescriptions I have taken daily for about a month and it seems like mucous is improved. I suggest you get the book " A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control" by Margaret Nofziger. She goes into great detail about charting your temps, and checking mucous etc...
    Good luck to all those TTC!!
  • J-Man Nowra - Covered everything I need.I was very happy to find this software on Amazon and for such a reasonable price. I still can't believe the mark up just to purchase it in a box in a store.

    I've had to get this for my Mac in order to do work at home for my current job. It is a gem to use and haven't had any troubles with it as yet.
  • txtbookman - Don't Get Discouraged!I downloaded this and was so annoyed that it told me I couldn't install it, when i had the correct operating system. I immediately went to see if i could return it, and saw it wasn't returnable. I checked all the bad reviews to see if there were similar stories, and there were. I was getting really frustrated. Then i decided to look at the good reviews (after all there are more good reviews than bad on here). They were so helpful! I didn't have to download a new version at all since i was just renewing. I just went back onto my already installed Norton, hit renew and cut and pasted the product key (which you can get from your software library under your recent orders) and now it's back up and running for the next year. So much cheaper than getting it through norton or the store, and really quite easy when you figure it out!
  • Fae Mich - Absolutely the best - especially for those who don't know their computers!I've been using Kaspersky for two years. Did the upgrade and had a problem (my own fault). Kaspersky support is unbeatable! We had the problem fixed in minutes. I feel safe using Kaspersky and recommend it to everyone. I am not computer savvy and having a program that's easy to understand and use is VERY important to me. And, how can you beat the price? Five stars hardly seem enough!