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  • Robin Robinson - Who Asked You ?This book was a good smooth read. What I like about this book is the characters and all that was going on in their lives.What I dislike is some of the characters that pass so much judgment and couldn't fix their own lives,but over all I would recommend this book to everyone to read it has humor, sadness, just all around reality
  • Amy Deseno "amyd1184" - Perfect gift for avid readers, or those who can't find the time to readI recieved the Kindle for my birthday and it is definitely one of the best gifts I ever recieved. I am a highschool chemistry teacher & a coach so I find that I have zero time to sit and read. This has solved that problem! Whether I am in line at a store or waiting for a doctors appointment, I have my kindle in my purse so I can read anywhere! Its worth the price if you love to read because the books are at a discounted price. Some books are cheaper than others but none-the-less they are still cheaper than if you bought it at a bookstore. Yes, the buttons are a little sensitive but its something that you get used to. It comes with a cover so its protected while its in my purse (thank goodness!), but the kindle seems to be indestructable (knock-on-wood). I would recomed it for avid readers or those, like myself, who love to read but cant find the time.
  • Blueskies - A great readIf you like hanging out in the court of Henry the Eighth this is the book for you. Written in a very contemporary way it is the best pot boiling soap opera! Every character has a plan and a motive. Thomas Cromwell well is a fully formed human being, not just a historical figure. A great read!
  • A. Jozefowicz - begin your neighborhood arms race today!shipping may take some time but while i was waiting for my ore to arrive i told my neighbor that he should pay my electric bill or else i will begin R&D when my yellow cake arrives. i also launched a rocket my child made in science class over my neighbors home just to let him know i was serious. once the ore arrived, i began negotiations.

    things seem like they are going very well.
  • reading widely - Extraordinarily Good BookWhen I think about all the books people press on me, saying they're great and compare them to Beautiful Ruins, well...This book is extraordinarily good. Makes the rest of the summer books (2012) look conventional and forced. Lovely story, writing, plot development. Unusual form without feeling contrived. Rich and satisfying.