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  • Leslie K Morelli "Leslie" - Works as Promised!

    I am trying to go back to wearing my hair curly after years of ponytails and blow drying it straight. These products really moisturize and cleanse without weighing my hair down at all. I was using Wen, but found it too heavy for my hair and tried these and love them! The no poo smells really pretty, the conditioner is a bit odd smelling, but both dissipate quickly. I think these are really great products that cleanse and moisturizer my hair without leaving it weighed down or greasy looking. My hair is shiny and can be convinced to curl again!

  • BethesdaChemist - Excellent book explaining the research behind pregnancy restrictions

    As a PhD level biochemist who is expecting, I really enjoyed this book. I wish I had this book when we were trying to conceive, as I would have learned that some of the stranger things I observed with my cycle were most likely something to do with stopping the BCP (something my doctor didn't bother explaining).
    Emily Oster explains all of the research that she found, why it is good or bad, and the resulting data-and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions (though she does have recommendations and stories of what she personally decided to do).
    The best part about this book is being able to see the data, understand the risks, and ultimately realize that in the vast majority of pregnancies things turn out just fine. I found that extremely reassuring.

    If you are trying to understand more about these arbitrary lists of dos and don'ts while pregnant-read this book.
    If you are worried about the risks of participating in a champagne toast at a wedding while you are pregnant-read this book.
    If your doctor is recommending a procedure or test that doesn't make sense to you and you want to know more about the risks-read this book.

    Ultimately, if you don't like Emily Oster's recommendations, she gives you all the data she used to make her decisions, so that you are able to make your own based on your own value system

  • Anthony G. Smith "runner 1" - An Interesting Find

    I purchased a Kindle Reader for my father last Xmas. He suffers from macular degeneration and because of the large font size available on the Kindle I felt he would be able to read better and with less strain. He loves his reader and thinks it's one of the greatest Xmas gifts he's ever received. I visit him weekly and we usually spend a little bit of time doing a "book review" and literary update. On three occassions now, he has shared an interesting "find" with his Kindle that I never have, nor spoken with anyone else who has made the same discovery. On these three times that he has turned on his Kindle, the script has come up positioned horizontally, not vertically. It caused him no problem to read, in fact he rather liked it. He has asked me how that happened and I told him I hadn't a clue. Just wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same. Thank you.
    Noblesville, Indiana

  • My Never Ending Pile of Books - I wish fairy tales could be real too.

    Taken from my blog: Reading by Candlelight

    This book was absolutely gorgeous. The simple cover drew me in - and than I opened the book and I knew I had to read it. There are full color illustrations spread throughout the book that are just breathtaking and give the book a nice touch. Plus there's little pictures on the pages and changing font colors. The book is a great addition to any shelf.

    The story was really cute. I loved all the characters in it and loved the idea that the characters run around and have their own lives after the book is closed. I liked the changing view points and how we get to read parts of the fairy tale.

    I liked Delilah, she reminded me of myself back in school. She's basically not well-like by most of the schools population, so she'd rather read. I can really relate to her, it would have been easy to get sucked into a fairy tale. She doesn't think at first, all she wants is Olive but doesn't think of the consequences. But, over time, she grows up a bit and realizes she needs more than him in his life.

    Oliver was a sweetheart. He wanted Delilah to be his, he loved her and made sure to let her know. He didn't think in the beginning either, he was a little bit selfish, wanting Delilah all to himself, but I loved him anyways.

    Overall this book was great, and kept me up reading even though I was exhausted and had to get up in the morning.

  • T. Pilgrimi - Do not buy this if you use Win 7 X64

    This is not a very good product...it drops connections and randomly stops working in Win7 x64. Upon further search I find (on Newegg) that many people have this issue and I guess that is why it is on sale all the time over there.


    Now works great (after Microsoft updates) and works great in Win8!!!!