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Country: Europe, MD, Moldova

City: Chişinău, Municipiul Chisinau

  • Surge "eager college student" - Glad most of the 2012 errors are fixed

    Main reason I purchased this is because of the many errors in the 2012 version. Glad most of them are fixed for this version. The paper and print quality is better than 2012. And I have noticed subtle changes that have been made, probably improvements based on feedback on the previous exam. I would recommend people to buy the latest version and not save just a little by purchasing an older version. However, if you are a first year medical student, buy an old one and in January when the new one comes out buy that.

  • Godsballs - Putting the Christmas back into Christmas

    I've had problems with erectile dysfunction for years, but one read of Ms Palins go-get-em defence of good old patriotic Christmas values soon had me more virile than a stag on stag viagra or whatever it is they eat in Canada. The headboard got so out of whack I had to buy a book on woodwork, which while interesting in itself, offered no help in the bedroom department.

    So thank you Ms Palin, thank you. Not only will we be celebrating your kind of Christmas this year, but I'll be reading it again and again during our weekly nuptials because its frankly more interesting than the back of my wife's head.

    The perfect sticking filler. And the book is great too.

  • Dave L. Rupel "gpguy" - Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative

    I have been afflicted with psoriasis for the last 37 years. During that time I have tried almost every treatment that has been made available to me through the medical profession along with a few ideas of my own. At one time, I spent 2 weeks in the hospital at Stanford University Medical Center while being treated for a very serious level of skin involvement. I joined the National Psoriasis Foundation at a very young age in order to find out whatever I could about my disease and any possible methods of relief. There have been many times that my skin has temporarily cleared either partially or fully only to have the lesions return in short order. When I found out about this book in November 2001, I was ready to try anything. On December 15th, I started following the instructions as best as I could from Dr. Pagano's book. My psoriasis increased for the next several months (just as described in the book) and then finally started to show signs of improving. It has been 8 months since I started and my skin is now almost entirely cleared. It seems there is some sort of cycle where my skin improves greatly and then holds or even gets a little worse for a short time before improving even more. I am convinced that this book holds the key to curing psoriasis for anyone who is willing to make the effort and stick to the program. I recommend this book highly to anyone suffering from psoriasis with the understanding that it will not be easy and the reader must be persistent for whatever time period that might be required.

  • Joyce - Enjoyed Using this Book!!

    Used it well last year. I really liked how it was summarized because it was easy to understand. I learned to appreciate it more after I finished and now in Junior year reading AMSCO (apush). This book had fairly large letters, not that heavy and most importantly seemed to know what it was talking about. I really enjoyed studying with this book.