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  • Marie44 "marie44" - low effort, high yieldWe have two of these. The white one is in the kitchen growing herbs, and the black one is in the office growing lettuce. I finally feel like a successful gardener! These come with explicit instructions and pictures so you can't make a mistake. There were only two issues: the lights weren't working correctly on the black one, and the customer service representative said to remove the battery and put it back in--that solved it in about two minutes. The other issue was the water was not flowing to all the plants on the white one, and a different customer service representative explained very patiently, step by step, how to adjust the water flow; it took just 5 minutes to fix. Both calls to customer service were answered within 5 minutes (during the holiday season in December!), both people were very helpful and patient, and both encouraged us to call back if there were any problems at all. There have been no more problems, and the plants are growing amazingly fast. The lights are very bright, so you may not want the AeroGarden in a bedroom, but it is very easy to time the lights to turn on and off when you want them to--as long as it's the right cycle for the particular plants you're growing. I'm excited about the different seed kits they have--we'll try Italian herbs next. Very little work, and lots of plants. Oh--when you put it together at first it won't look like the picture on the box because you raise the lights as the plants grow, so your Aerogarden will look short at first. Also, check the booklet to see if there are specific places to plant each pod. It didn't matter with the lettuce, but there is a plan for the herbs, so don't just put them anywhere. This is a wonderful garden I know we will enjoy for years.
  • S. J. House "aquarabbit" - Great solution for a new problem!In my opinion, a fabulous product. After beginning the NuvaRing birth control, I began to get a bit of extra discharge, smell, and sensitivity. Since this was a problem that I had never had before, it was uncomfortable in a general day to day way, and also horribly embarrassing when I was with my husband. I had heard about WaterWorks a while ago and decided to give it a try since I had never like normal cleansing products as they caused me sensitivity and my doctor is (as they all are) against them. I ran this product by her and she gave me the green light. It's helped so much! I use it twice a day in the shower and not only has it helped keep my personal problems under control, but I also feel so fresh and clean afterwards! Not to make too tasteless of a joke, but when I skip this step in my shower, it's like not flossing my teeth when I brush! I never feel quite as clean! It is a sturdy product and very easy to store if you have a shower rack to hang from (which I do). I am extremely pleased that I've found this.
  • K. Wheeler "Miss Kris" - P90X is for women, too!!!I've never been terribly overweight or out of shape, but after the birth of my son, I was a little... how does Tony put it... loose in the cage. I wanted to lose about 10 lbs and get into good enough shape to look decent in a family picture, and wear shorts without embarrassment. I tried easier workouts such as Turbo Jam and 10 minute trainer, but they just weren't getting me the results I was looking for. Although the 10 lbs was gone, I wasn't as toned as I was before the little man.

    Then came P90X.

    The workouts are long. They're intense. They're painful. But, they're awesome. With minimal equipment, you can get gym quality results with a personal trainer in your own basement. I'm at day 45, and already I've lost the speed bump, my legs are toned, and my butt is lifted. Most importantly I feel fit and healthy.

    Women looking to start this program should get weights, a band for pull ups and some push up stands. A yoga mat is good if you have hardwood floors. As you progress in the program, you may want a pull up bar. I typically use 8, 10 and 15 lb weights, but someone new to weights may want to err on the lighter side. I don't have a place to do pull ups, but the bands will give you a sufficient burn. The push up stands will save your wrists.

    The workouts are long. The resistance days are coupled with Ab Ripper X, which makes workouts in the 1hr to 1:10 minute range. Yoga is 90 minutes +, but it is my favorite workout of the week. It's an amazing isometric workout. I have mixed feelings about the diet plan. I'm sure it works, but good grief... I give props to anyone who can eat that clean. Also, if all I could eat was low fat feta, whole wheat noodles and sprouts, I'd probably eat my yoga pants. I just looked - spandex isn't in the diet plan.

    My goals are to drop from a size 8 to a size 6, lose the speed bump and ditch that thing that rolls over the top of my bra strap... I think that's a reasonable expectation for the program. If you have a small enough frame, it's entirely possible to go from a 10 to a 4 in 90 days. If you're a quick fix gal who's excited about the FDA approving that "new" weight loss drug, this isn't for you. If you're morbidly obese, you need to run this by your physician before giving this a try. If you've sustained knee injuries, you may want to pass this one up - especially the lower body workouts. This is a time commitment and a lifestyle commitment that isn't right for everyone.

    Bring it!
  • BlueHoney - A Must ReadI had no real feelings one way or the other about MJ until his untimely death. Intrigued by all that was going on I went online and found this book. I admit that it is a huge book and not easy to read, lets say out by the pool, but it has more MJ information than any other book out there. I read it by flipping thru it initially and then went back to read in its entirety. I guarantee you will discover many things you didn't know, and clarify things you thought you did. It is truly a glimpse into MJ's entire life by a friend and an author. Make sure you get the updated version of this since it includes new chapters added after his death. Even if you aren't interested in the early parts of his life, read it like I did and skip thru it anyway. It is a good read.