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  • Few "Gunn Chief" - Renews faith in human strength of faithStraight forward story from an innocent teenage girl of horrible loss and the family strength to overcome and succeeded her loss of an entire left arm to a shark. This story illustrates the strength and support of faith without being preachy. Her idyllic life could have been destroyed save for her family, friends and faith.
  • - This diet saved my daughter's quality of life.Anyone with Crohn's Colitus or another Intestinal disease.. or actually any other autoimmune condition owes it to themselves to read this book and give this diet a try. There are apparently no other options when it comes to effectively controling debilitating symptoms without drugs with their own side effects.I hear that the diet works in 80 percent of cases. It did in ours. My daugher was on the road to recovery within days. Within weeks, her blood tests became normal. In years to come I am certain that this will be the routine treatment but until then, you need to supplement your more than likely disbelieving doctor's advice with this healthy diet and in time, you will may not need meds. There are also many websites offering support.
    The author has dedicated her life to making this diet known after her own daughter was cured, with health repaired by this same diet, developed by a deceased MD.
  • D. Hartley - Healthier Gums AlreadyI purchased the product at the recommendation of my hygienist who couldn't stop raving about it. I have been using it for 1 month and went back to the dentist and was told my gums have returned to a healthy condition much faster than anticipated. I love this product. It makes my teeth, and especially my gumlines, feel very smooth and free of debris. This is an excellent addition to using a good toothbrush, such as a Sonicare. The fine, high speed water jet cleans between teeth in difficult to reach areas. It is better than manual flossing and it certainly has helped in getting my gums back to a healthy condition.
  • Kolya - Completely worth it!Out of no where the OTC clinical strength deodorants I have been using for years stopped working( just perspiring / not odor thank god). I tried switching brands for a while and even tried men's , certain dri , etc and was using all of them as directed ( right before bedtime ). Nothing was working and i had never had a problem with perspiring onto my clothes before. After reading reviews I decided to give this a try and after the first use I was sweat free for 6-7 days! I still use one of the many OTC deodorants I have in the am- probably just because its habitual- but this has solved my problem and restored my confidence. I could not be happier and it arrived 1.5 days after ordering ! I recommend this to anyone who feels like they have run out of options- no matter where your sweat issue is- give this a try. The price is well worth it !