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  • Randy M "rdm" - The key word here is ORGANIZATIONYes, one could search the web for this same free stuff, but the average person would NEVER be able to discover and then organize all this content available, all on your own, without this $10 a year internet media-link organizer. You would never have the time, or be able to imagine all the availability on your own.
    Rabbit TV lets you know what is pretty much out there, for free streaming. Feel like a movie? You are presented with many free streaming full length movies to watch.
    Feel like classic TV, well there you are. Enjoy full episodes of those classics TV shows, and not so classic TV shows. All in one spot and all nicely organized. True one-click viewing.

    So why pay $10 a year you ask?
    The $10 fee is for Rabbit TV to keep those links updated for you. I myself found no dead links while working and watching with this device.
    The $10 a year is for Rabbit TV Inc. to provide media link updating that they supply. With all those links organized and in one place.
    For $10 a year, this is definitely worth that small price.
    The key word here is media-link "ORGANIZATION". Free internet TV and radio, all in one nicely organized place on your PC desktop.
    That is what Rabbit TV is all about.
    That is exactly what Rabbit TV delivers.
    And nothing more.

    If people think they are going to get live HBO for $10 a year... dream on.
    That is not what this device does.
    Naturally, media streaming uses your own high speed internet. And if your ISP has data caps on your service, be very careful and watch your monthly data allowance closely. Streaming anything media will always use up a lot of data allowance. Even radio audio streaming.
    So do not expect this Rabbit TV to replace cable TV. Or that one could not find some of this free content on their own, if a person really wanted to spend all afternoon in doing that.
    Rabbit TV is a cool, inexpensive, little device suppling freely available internet media organization of hundreds of links to all that free media.
    I bet you find really cool stuff available that you love but never realized was even available. Not without the help of this $10 USB device.

    Lets get real here people... If people expected more out of this Rabbit TV device, or feel some need to knock this little device, you're really not being fair to the concept or idea.
    Obviously someone wanted all this freely available internet media to be organized for easy access. And Rabbit TV was their answer.
    This type of link-organizatipn doesn't necessarily have to stop with video or audio media.
    One could develop a similar device for, say, organization of freely publicized online written media.
    Say, for example, books and magazines. There are a ton of entire books to read for free, online.
    Just develop a Rabbit-Books gadget, and problem solved.
    Free books or magazines to read, online, all organized by author, subject matter, and title just at the click of a mouse.
    The possibilities are endless, when it comes to ""organization"" of all that free internet content.
    Rabbit-TV is just a start. And a very slick one at that.
  • The Linux Colonel - ExcellentThis camera works great locally or remotely via android tablet and phone. The only down side is that you need very good lighting or it will be in night vision mode, which actually works very well. I especially like how well it does in complete darkness using the night vision mode it automatically switches to in low light.
  • Andrea - awesome stuff!IV found I didn't lose much in weight but I lost huge amounts in inches all around my stomach, hips butt and thighs within two weeks! With all the negative reviews, here,it makes me question if there's people getting paid to write many negative reviews about their competition or something??...There's nothing better than not only quickly slimming up, but when I get the hypoglycemic shakes before eating, one if these pills, if u can wait twenty minutes, completely stops the passing out weakness feeling from happening and I forget the need to eat! I feel its amazing especially since I haven't worked out at all or changed my diet.. It does feel like the fat is just melting off which is so hard to accomplish when yr hypothyroid..Its sad if its truly not working for these other people but wow is this stuff miraculous for me! I just hope it doesn't stop working!