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  • D. Ron - Excellent for apartments or small homes!I have a 1200sqft apartment and this will clean the entire apartment (on high suction no less!) without dying. Battery life is excellent, and suction is very good too. Using this I don't mind vacuuming every few days instead of dealing with the plug-in every week or two. This is especially important with my dog, so the place stays cleaner.

    I would definitely buy this again.
  • joyu2 - Little Black BookOh goodie - for all those men out there who need more space than just a 3x5" for their Little Black Book. Now for their convenience and comfort & ease and total sense of control and feelings of great macho-ism... a new 8 x 11 inch edition... with a nice leather black cover for your binder. Men... more room to write in your harem names and rate them good, bad or ugly! A place to keep all your prospects for Mormon wives. Terrific for Christmas gifts... stocking stuffers. Comes with a free bottle of Viagra and/or Cialis - an upper of your choice!

    But wait... at the end of the binder is a last page, kind of a THE END to your great expectations. It says... take off your blinders folks and don't believe a word that Mutt Heinz 57 has to say... he bullied his dog SHAME-ON-US, tying him to the top of his car... don't let Mutt bully you into thinking he'd make a great Boss. Blinders off, binders filed away forever... and your vote for our Democratic President, Senate and House.
  • Kim Eun Hee - Recommending.....I am be able to have a chance to understand a human Michael Jackson through this book. Well written honestly, I think.
    I hope everyone tries to read this book not anything else, whether loves him or not ,just to know him BETTER and RIGHT. He is just a human who is very talented. He is a human deserved to be loved and best entertainer who has most-lit-talent. He needs to be accepted though he is a little different from us. I love him and miss him more.
  • Mennonite Medievalist - not what but how, not who but whyI'm fascinated by mysteries where everyone knows the end of the story, this kind of mystery. At least in the US, Henry VIII's ill-starred marriage to Anne Boleyn is perhaps the second-most-widely-retold episode in British history, deferring only to the (probably fictitious) Arthur. So Hilary Mantel riskily gives her readers only the pleasure of the remake: a different spin on long-familiar events. You'd think novelists would have covered all the possible perspectives by now, but Mantel's genius is to uncover Thomas Cromwell as a highly dramatic character in his own right and by means of his interference in the lives of others. "Uncover" is not quite the right word, because her use of perspective in this novel is remarkably complex. Everything runs through Thomas Cromwell's perspective, but sometimes we get no Cromwellian comment, sometimes a glimpse into what he is thinking and feeling, and sometimes a lovely poetic disquisition that may or may not be all that's going on between his ears. I'm not sure if this device is some cunning literary trick or if it is meant to indicate that Thomas Cromwell is a man who hides his inner depths even from himself, as if this surface layer is what he pretends to himself is all there is. Granted, I read much of this book with a headache (unrelated), but I don't think we ever find out whether Cromwell thinks Anne Boleyn is really guilty, for instance, or whether (and how) he has earned his licentious reputation. I read onward, gripped with suspense, even though I knew how the story was going to end, because I wanted to know what Mantel's Thomas Cromwell thought it meant.

    Mantel has figured out how to make great literature from an old story: find an unexpected perspective and use it to suggest solutions to the usual cruxes of the story, but also, to suggest new enigmas where we in previous stories once found solid ground. The strange becomes epiphany, the familiar becomes strange. It would have been nice for Cromwell to spend more time with Henry and/or Anne as the catastrophe neared; he becomes isolated from these two protagonists, and our knowledge of them distances with his. But the prose is beautiful, the insight keen, and in the end the bureaucratic and ruthless Cromwell becomes something like a sleuth and something like a superhero, a figure of great interest in our times.
  • Mark Rodriguez - Running Revision 8 Just FineThe product is working as expected. I waited for R7 before trying the iOS sync. I don't find that feature particularly helpful, but it works. No issues thus far. It automatically taps into my credit card, savings and checking. My bank charges a fee for the full fledged access. "Projected Balances" feature is handy.