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  • B. Robinson - Exciting Spiritual Art CalandarFor starters I love the whole psychdelica theme that Alex Gray produces through his art. His art to me is inspiring, imaginative and takes you to other realms of existence, spiritually. This wall calandar hangs up in my bedroom not only to remind me of the monthly schedule of events, but to visually excite me with the wonderful images that remind me of my own spiritual experiences.
  • Kelly Katula - A great resource for finding a medical school.This is a great guide for comparing medical schools in the US and Canada. It has admission reqirements, dates, contacts, scholarship levels, costs...... Recommended for anyone considering a medical education.
  • T. Willis - DRM Better than most other methodsLet me say first that I hate DRM. DRM irritates me because it gets in the way of what I want to do with my legally purchased game... which of course is play it.

    EA probably should have allowed for more than 3 installs, which probably isn't enough for most folks. That said, I only have one computer, and I won't be replacing it anytime soon. When I last replaced it, only about 3 games made it over from my old rig.

    For me, at least, three installs is more than enough (probably wouldn't be if I had a lap-top as well). Having said that, I much prefer on-line activation to the traditional "Have to have the disk with you" approach. This way is superior, because I only have to do it once. An even better way would be to use a normal CD-Key. None of these methods will actually reduce piracy, but having one I only have to deal with once at least makes it easier on me.

    If anyone really prefers lugging around all their disks to their multiple computers over this form of activation, by all means rank this game low. Otherwise they are unfairly punishing a pretty decent game.
  • Illinois buyer - the answer to my prayersI have battled IBS for years and tried many products (even prescription meds), none of which really helped. I decided to try one more thing and this product has turned out to be the answer to my prayers. Finally I can live a normal life without worrying about needing to find a bathroom immediately after eating. I take this probiotic faithfully every day and I will continue to do so. Thank you, Philips!
  • sailor "sailor hill" - Hoping it's Udderly DeliciousI just placed my very first order for "Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz" and can't hardly wait for it to arrive because of all the outstanding rave reviews. When I saw some others had paid around 500.00 USD for this SAME item, I jumped on the 160.00 USD (as of today) BARGAIN Price! What a deal! I have NEVER seen this brand before (being here in California) so those Tuscan cows must be even happier cows than our 'Happy Cows from California' (our cows have even done commercials 'and they talk') so I am thinking the Tuscan cows must be SO Much better than ours...and happier too knowing their milk is selling for such an awesome price (I would be elated as well).

    The hardest part was choosing the supplier. The one I went with is charging 160.00 +4.49 shipping; it was a choice between this and the 2,499 +4.49 shipping AND he would hand deliver it and make me a tiramisu in my own kitchen... well, I KNOW a bargain when I see one!

    So, now I shall wait with great expectation for the arrival of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, while I brag to everyone on what steal I have made in this transaction!