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  • Christopher Taylor - Wonderful Bag, Superior CraftsmanshipI absolutely love this bag. I bought it for school and have found it to be the perfect fit for my books and binders as well as my Macbook Pro 13". It has ample room for everything you could ever want and more pockets than you'd ever need. The quick-adjust strap is an awesome added touch that makes the bag easy to sling on your back in any position. My only, ONLY qualm is that the bag can get distorted sometimes without it being filled to the brim just because it's all nylon without inner supports. But, this is also good because it allows it to wrap around your back more easily.

    Definitely buy this item if you want an AWESOME messenger bag.
  • Lindsay - Finally! Something that works!ORIGINAL REVIEW from July 25,2012: This product has kept me irritation and infection free for over a month now!

    I have been struggling with vaginal irritation for the past 3 years. I changed my laundry detergent, went to numerous doctors ($$$), and tried a plethora of OTC treatments (including herbal treatments). NOTHING WORKED. The irritation would get better, but then it would come right back. I've suffered with UTI's, yeast infections, and, most recently, I've been getting this red irritation on my outer labia. I was checked for an STD, and it came back negative (thank God!). So, my gyno said it might be an imbalance in my vaginal pH. She put me on some antibiotics, thinking it was bacterial vaginitis, but that didn't work either. My life had become overshadowed by this issue. It affected my work life, my social life, and, worst of all, my love life had suffered to the point where I just didn't want to have sex anymore.

    So, I decided to try this product, and it has kept me feeling fresh and irritation free for over a month! I have subscribed for two refills monthly. The price on is the cheapest that I've found. I use it a few days before my period, the day after my period stops, and after sex if I start to feel any discomfort. Also, I'm on the pill (Ortho-cyclen), and this product still helps to keep my pH balanced.

    If nothing has worked for you yet, TRY THIS PRODUCT. At $13/box, it's one of the cheapest ways to keep your vagina happy and healthy! :)

    UPDATE from Feb. 23, 2013: It has been almost a year since I began using this product. I find that I do not have to use it very often now. I still keep at least one box on hand in case I begin to feel irritation.

    Also, to shed light on some of the other reviews: Yes, after a day or two you will see a white discharge (that looks like cottage cheese, but it is NOT YEAST). It is the natural shedding of the vaginal wall and some of the gel leaving you body. When you first use the gel, you may feel a very, very mild burning sensation. After about 20 minutes, you will begin to feel relief.

    Overall, I am so incredibly grateful for this product. It has changed my life (and especially my sex life)! Thank you!
  • Penny Pumpkin - Just what I neededThis product could not be any easier to use. If you just follow a few simple steps, you will have a great cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. I'm pretty clumsy, but even i know how NOT to overflow the water which seems to be a common complaint. First you press power. Then you pour water into the cup you are using to measure and then pour it into the machine. When you open the part that holds the K-cup, the water drains, you then put the K-cup in, close it, put your mug underneath and press brew. Again it could not be easier. It takes up little counter space, is attractive, and there is little or no cleanup involved. My favorite flavor is the Green Mountain - Caramel Vanilla Cream. It definitely depends on what flavor /brand you use so don't judge it until you've tried a variety of k-cups to see which ones you like.
  • Omar Siddique - nice fast USB3 driveA fast drive in a shiny case, with a fast USB3 interface.

    External units often contain slower drives, but that isn't the case here. In testing, I got consistent speeds of ~140MiB/secs, peaking as high as 147.21MiB/sec (testing with a straight-line writes reading from memory, write to disk sequentially). In real-world writes, speed varied by the source, but averaged around 85-105MiB/sec, bound by my slower (!) internal HDD. Impressive. Tests conducted on FreeBSD using a Western Digital SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe Card.

    The case is functional, with small rubber feet, and top/bottom vents, but could be improved-- it's shiny and pretty but picks up fingerprint smudges right away (matte finish would be better). The power LED pulsates to show activity, but is so faint that the pulsation isn't visible from even a couple of feet away. The case with drive spinning is a little louder than I expected, with a vibration I could feel through the desk. Putting it on top of a cork-backed coaster eliminated the vibration, so the unit probably just needs better "feet".

    A USB3 cable is included. The drive is meant to stand vertically. There's no power switch.

    The drive did not spin down while attached to my system, so does not have its own power-saving feature, non-ideal in an external drive that may be used sporadically (your OS may do the right thing and force power-saving, but the drive doesn't do it on its own). But, after 3 days running in a 72F room, the top exhaust of the case was only modestly warm.

    I'll update if I have any reliability issues, but so far so good. Recommended.