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  • E. Ferguson "V's Mum" - Worked for us!It accurately predicted we were having a little girl. Whoever gets angry about the 'prediction' is taking it a bit too seriously. I wouldn't start painting the room pink or blue based on the results but it's still fun to do.

    Also, their customer service was really helpful when I had questions about my outcome.

    We found out we were pregnant in September and we were sure to purchase this when we were far along enough to try it. This time it predicted boy. I wanted to make sure the results were correct, color-wise, so I emailed their customer service. They were prompt in returning my email and confirmed I got a boy result. Well, 5 weeks later we got our confirmation that we are in fact having a boy!

    I think one of the problems with this product is you have to follow the directions EXACTLY for it to work. But, it worked for us twice! :)
  • John Pund "Cycling nut" - Great indoor bikeThis has got to be the best indoor cycle I have ever ridden. The simulated incline/decline with resistance is stunning and iFit allows for custom rides anywhere google maps goes. Will try the live streetview mode using a tablet as I ride next, as the sudden change in tension when you hit a hill can be alarming at first and I usually like to plan ahead and attack higher intensity hills with a higher cadence in a high gear. Great design in the 2012 model with integrated bottle holders and an optional tablet holder. Stoked about being able to ride my favorite streets from the comfort of my home, no matter the weather outside.

    Keep in mind this is a very heavy product and setting it up will require at least one other to cart the box around. Unpacking and carrying the pieces before assembly on another floor is highly recommended.
  • Shay1234 - Great product!!!!I have suffered from chronic yeast and bacterial infections for at least 10 years, and my doctor said this is just how it is for some women. Constantly treating and treating treating. It really started to take a toll on my everyday life. It got to the point where I could just call my doctor and tell her I knew I had another infection and she would refill my medicine for me, because she knew I did. It was like clock work, every month and half, they would always come back. I tried changing so many things like soap, laundry detergent, et. but nothing seemed to work. I did some research and found out about this product. I read the reviews of this product from other women who have used it and they seemed to be all very positive so I decided to give it try. I just started my second month and I have already noticed a great improvement in my health! I feel so much better and you only have to take one capsule a day and there are no side effects what so ever! I like that it is only ingredients that our bodies naturally already have and need so I am not putting anything foreign in my body. I definitely recommend this product to any woman who suffers from these chronic infections, it really works!!! I will continue to use this product every month! Thanks Pro-B!!