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  • Lauryn_Smith - Product works when you put the effort in :)Read the reviews before I purchased it, glad I did. Been using this product for 2 weeks and lost 2 inches already. I have tried others and all have seemed to fail, either it be nasty side effects ( headaches, jitters, heart racing, etc.) I've seriously have had NO nasty side effects from this product. The pills are medium sized, I hate taking pills, but these seem to be very easy to swallow for me. I read most of the reviews before purchasing and was leary of getting them, but after 2 weeks, if you follow the directions , EXERCISE and eat healthier, you WILL SEE RESULTS lol. I usually take the recommended dosage, take a walk with the dog and an exercise video....not that hard . I did give up the caffeine and junk food which also helped. The pills do help you curb your appetite, but not to where you are starving yourself. I usually cook a big plate of a meat, veg and salad for the whole family and can only eat half of my plate and feel full. Im a 30 yr old mom, telling you like it is. Im not trying to sell this product or feed you lies. The product works, you just have to have the will and mindset to push yourself to see results.
  • Jason B. - Great tablet for your money!!Get rid of the ads amazon!!I have a nook, ipad, kindle gen 1 and now I own two kindle fires gen2. Amazon knocked it outta the park on this handheld tablet! Very easy to use but does have a couple draw backs hate the button location on the device and hate the adds I wish I woulda bought no ads options on both a customer should NOT have to pay for this option amazon should be glad customers are buying there product instead of the other dozens of tablets on the market!!!! But other than that very user friendly. Have yet to purchase the new kindle fire xd to see if they improved all the improfections of the older kindle devices.
  • Scott Fillmer - Radical, to Anyone with a Teachable SpiritAfter months of looking at "Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream" by David Platt, i finally decided i had to go ahead and read this book. Having read and studied several books and/or articles that discuss the concepts and failings of what we call the "American Dream", I already had my own opinion about the topic, but still think it's a worthy topic today. Radical ended up not really being focused so much on the American Dream as it was to focus away from the concept.

    Whether we acknowledge it or not we are probably influenced by this concept in one way or another, and much of the time it tends to be a self-focused concept, how do I maximize my 401k, get that house, car, computer, whatever. Radical attempted to remove that self-focused concept and replace it with a global evangelistic focus that Jesus calls for in Matthew 28.

    The book is a compilation of a sermon series given by the pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, Dr. David Platt, after he returned from several international missional type trips a few years ago. i have read a few other reviews that have also suggested listening to the complete sermon series in addition to reading the book. Many have said it takes the book even deeper, so eventually I hope to listen to those as well. After a longer introduction period of a few chapters, Platt goes through seven truths, which are the premise for the text and lead to Platt's conclusion, and eventually to his call to action. The truth statements come from this evaluating proclamation...

    "If people are dying and going to hell without ever even knowing there is a gospel, then we clearly have no time to waste our lives on an American dream."

    The Seven Truth's of Radical:
    TRUTH 1 : All People Have Knowledge of God
    TRUTH 2 : All People Reject God
    TRUTH 3 : All People are Guilty Before God
    TRUTH 4 : All People are Condemned for Rejecting God
    TRUTH 5 : God Has Made a Way of Salvation For the Lost
    TRUTH 6 : People Cannot Come to God Apart From Faith in Christ
    TRUTH 7 : Christ Commands the Church to Make the Gospel Known to All Peoples

    With each explained in detail, Radical proceeds into the final call to action with, what I read as the ultimate conclusion of the text.

    "...that means there is only one potential breakdown in this progression [of truths] --when servants of God do not preach the gospel to all peoples"

    This leads into Platt's call to action. A one year plan, in five steps (or points), that intend to bring the believer into closer alignment to the truths in the Gospel message instead of continuing on a path towards the elusive American Dream.

    Concluding Critique About Radical
    For those with an evangelical background Radical will be a hard but familiar call to constantly evaluate our lives against the truths of the Gospel. Not only does it cause us to examine our lives more closely but it gives specific, tangible examples (or points) which are easy to evaluate, like reading the bible completely in one year (either you did or you didn't).

    Some may see this as works, or a process or program, but I don't believe that is Platt's message to believers at all. The Gospel is a call to live a radical life unlike that of the world, and Radical confirms this. It isn't about a program to do this or that, it is about a life changed, and living a lifestyle for God not for self.

    For those with a more liberal theology, or those who view some sermons as annoying guilt trips, Radical will probably be seen more as another radical pastor calling on people to give up all their worldly possessions, give them to the "poor" and go somewhere overseas to spread Christianity (which actually is in the bible too, but no doubt some will find it annoying to say the least). While they will appreciate the social consciousness aspect to Radical's call, some will see it as an "evils of riches" guilt trip.

    It is not a book that is going to answer all the questions, but it will stretch the believer into thinking beyond ourselves and the small boxes we tent to live in, especially here in the United States. Some questions that came to mind were:

    How much is enough?
    What can we live without for the sake of the Gospel?
    Where do we spend our time and is it worth our time?
    What do we see in ourselves when examining our life against scripture?
    What will we do with the five action items in Radical?

    It is always interesting to see if a book stands the test of time. One way I look at the effectiveness of a book is how well does the author make their arguments, and will the book survive the initial pop culture publication. In other words, does the author make convincing enough arguments to make the book either (1) entertaining, (2) does it make you change or examine the way you think, or (3) does it even change your actions and how you live. In short, does the book shape you in some way or form.

    Since I rarely read books for their entertainment value, I hope for one of the latter points, and that is where Radical lands. It made me think, it changed the way I do a few things, and it caused me to take a hard look at my long term calling. I would highly recommend Radical to anyone who has a teachable spirit and is willing to take a new look at old ways of doing Christianity beyond Sunday morning.
  • T Wu "TW" - The best thing I've found for chronic, low-level GI problemsI used to have chronic, excessive gas with no clear reason--not even repeated visits to the GI doctors yielded any clues. They checked for H. pylori, uclers and other problems, but none surfaced. One doctor suggested at the end of a series of exasperating doctor visits that perhaps my intestinal flora was out of balance, and that I should try using align for a couple of months. I went out to the local Target and bought some, and 2 months later, I was different person--many of my previous issues with my GI system were now either non-existent or so minor that I forgot about them. I didn't see a need to continue probiotic therapy after those 2 months, and thankfully, the results were persistent. Now I recommend align to family and friends with GI issues, and many report positive results, too. Personally, I don't take align anymore, except after periods of doctor-prescribed antibiotic therapy for strep throat, sinusitis, etc. when my stomach/gut gets queasy because of the antibiotics--even then, 2-3 weeks of align 1 week after the antibiotic therapy stops usually gets my gut health back to where I want it to be.