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Effets secondaires effexor Effexor 75 Effexor lp - Effexor est utilisé pour traiter l'épisode dépressif majeur, le trouble de l'anxiété généralisée et la douleur liée à la neuropathie diabètique.


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  • S. Loewen "book geek" - People watching with an informed Narrator!Photo books don't tend to make my To Be Read list but I bought the book Humans of New York and I am in love! I love the pics but the little blurbs about pics make it even better! You could get through the book in about an hour but you will want to take it slower than that because it really is such an amazing experience. I felt like I spent time people watching with an in the know narrator. I think this book truly shows us not only the story of the human condition but that we are all on this path together. I love how it celebrates our differences and connects us through our similarities.
  • Patricia A. Arteaga "Patti" - Stolen MemoriesThis was an E-ticket ride to say the least. What if you wake up and the last six months of your life are missing. You have a boyfriend you don't remember and the doctors say you need to take this medication for the next six weeks. Also, you caused an accident and your brother is severely injured. Add to this you find out you can take memories from other people without them knowing. And who's trying to kill you and what do you know that they want? Ted Dekker is always a thrill a minute. Highly recommend this book.
  • K. Cade - I love McAfree!I am running this software on an older Compaq laptop loaded down with files. I have no complaints. Occasionally it wants to scan all files when I'm busy working on my laptop and things become a bit cumbersome, but again I have and store a lot of music files on my laptop. I simply stop the scan and continue on. I'm running on Vista, which I rather dislike, and McAfee does not have any compatibility issues. I've been using McAfee for a long time and had no viruses on any of my pc's.

    Easy to install, fast. Pretty simple across the board. Exactly what I want with any software.
  • Alice Redmond - awesome readThis story is both horrific and extremely encouraging; ms. Smart leads us from a solid family life to the depths of perversion and back again in a very matter of fact way. You actually have to remind yourself that she lived thru this, it isn't just another crime story. Her faith is to be commended, even if you do not agree with her religion; she does not preach and certainly does not share anything about the LDS church. And she did experience miracles even as a prisoner and is intelligent enough to recognize them. May God bless this young woman and all her endeavors.
  • pquillen - A Tip For Using The Keurig MiniThe Keurig Mini is a convenient and inexpensive introduction to the world of the K-Cup.

    One nice aspect of the Mini is that is does NOT have a reservoir .. you simply pour in the cup of water that you need at the time you want to brew a cup of coffee. This avoids having to clean out a separate reservoir which may have had water standing for a while.

    My experience with the Mini is that the water temperature produced by the unit is BELOW the optimal temperature needed to brew a good cup of coffee. To compensate for this problem I do the following:

    1. Heat a full mug of water in a microwave for 1 minute.
    2. Pour the HEATED water into the top of the Mini
    3. Proceed with the usual steps required to brew a cup of coffee.

    Not only does this process pre-heat the water, but it also heats up the MUG which means that once your cup of coffee has been brewed, it will stay hotter longer.

    Hope this is useful to other Mini owners.