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  • MOMofTHREE "S. G." - Beautiful shoe for those who feel unbeautiful!I havent bought them, but these shoes look like the perfect shoe to make me beautiful again! As a young girl someone, somewhere told me that I was unlovable, ugly, and not worth listening to. Someone told me not necessarily by words but by actions that I was not important, that I was worth no more than my old, stinky, generic brand sneakers covered in mud and poo that will soon be in the trash heap. No matter the cost, I will buy these shoes (and maybe some hair bleach) in hopes to hear someone say those words my little girl heart has always longed to hear, "How beautiful you are, my darling!"

    In fact, I can tell, just by looking at them, that these are the perfect shoe! They will never wear out or leave me by the side of the road, like so many people have. These shoes will never let me down! They will last forever, long after I am dead and gone. Or at least I hope so, because the price is so high that these shoes will be all I have left! Again, I can tell just by looking at them, that these shoes are so durable, that after living a full life in them, I will be buried in these shoes and they will walk me right into the afterlife, just like the ancient Egyptians. And if they don't, who cares, because what matters is how they feel now.

    Unlike people, these shoes will never lie to me or forsake me, and I will finally show that person who made me feel unloved and unwanted as a child just how awesome I really am when I wear these shoes! Those around will see how these shoes make me witty and funny and likeable and they will soon bow down and worship me, ahem, I meant respect me. I will be more beautiful than anyone, especially those with opposing baby shoes! How dare they value baby shoes anyway, when these beautiful women's shoes clearly make us as women, far more beautiful. I mean after you have baby shoes, what kind of man would want you, anyway? Baby shoes would surely make me as ugly and unlovable as that person told me I was when I was wearing baby shoes, myself.

    But with these shoes I am guaranteed not to be lonely anymore, or at least that's what I can tell just by looking at them. I will no longer feel hurt by that person who let me down! These shoes will fill that hole left in my heart! When I finally get these shoes, everyone will finally see how right I am, that I am worthy after all! I can tell by just looking at them!
  • JeffC - Breaking the Vicious CycleMy son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis; medical treatments were not working. He was very, very sick.
    The diet as laid out in this book worked for my son. His symptoms started to go away after 3 days on the diet.
    He continues on it today, 1 month later. This has helped him greatly.
    I was drawn to this book from other positive reviews on blogs from people who have UC and IBS.
  • GeorgiaBoy - Suprisingly a great productI have prepared taxes for several years with a CPA firm and have filed many amended returns due to errors from HR Block personnel, so I was leery in purchasing. I bought this product in order to do a couple small clients that I do my self. This tax return does 95% of the work for you. Based on the information you provide it flows very naturally to the applicable schedules. This price is great, I've used Lacerte, Pro Systems and Ultra tax and this was most similart to Lacerte for 1/10th of the cost to me.