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  • Thais Cesare - The only woman he listens to.This is our 3rd Garmin. The first was stolen, the second was left on for 6 months and the battery died.I really like this one, now I can tell if it's off. There are a few steps to get it running, I was able to follow them easily and feel very comfortable using and updating the machine. I always trust Garmin.
  • Dr.A - First Aid Usmle Step 1 2012Amazing book
    Almost the same content as the 2011 book, but the new book has the images integrated with the text which is very helpful and better for fast reading and the new book has a new great look.
    I like the book and recommend it for all medical students.
  • Ethan W. Clark "chainmail311" - DRM EASILY HACKEDBuy the game, knowing that if you do come across a big problem like everyone is talking about, that a quick little hack will save you from making a phone call to EA. (Heaven forbid.)

    You simply download the "crack" (not illegal if you have purchased the item.) and cut and paste the crack into the Sporebin folder, located in the programs files. It's very easy to do.

    As for A REAL REVIEW OF THE GAME, it's delightful! I hope to spend more time on it sooner than later. It reminds me of Katamari Damaci, where you see your creation grow and grow and grow. It's a great game, don't let Amazon.com's horrible review section ruin buying this amazing and revolutionary game.

    As for the DRM: It will probably be eradicated because they're trying to kill the early pirates.

    Actually, EA is great for ALLOWING YOU TO PLAY THIS GAME ON 3 COMPUTERS IN THE HOUSE AT THE SAME TIME, WITHOUT THE DISC!!! I think this is a great idea on EA's part. I have 3 copies of bought "Age of Empires" lying around just because we had to have the disc in the computer while playing.

    SPORE ON, PEOPLE! YOU CAN SPORE IN PEACE! Just don't create sporn.
  • Ralph - Comprehensive and very currentIf you want to learn about e-commerce, this is a great book. It is not a how-to book, but gives you a comprehensive overview about the basic fundamentals of e-commerce. It is up to date, with alot of current data and information. Most of the chapters have a table at the beginning about what's new or important trends for 2011-2012, which is helpful. For a textbook, it is very readable -- there are case studies at the beginning and end of each chapter, and also shorter ones within the chapters that are like magazine articles and very interesting to read.
  • nadia - my ball look amazing!I used to think I was a bit weird being a female with one ball, but thanks to Bic I see I'm not alone! Who knew I just had to decorate my ball with lovely colours from Bics pens to feel more feminine?! I surely hope that there are pens like this for Him as well, cause everyone deserves to feel this good and pretty!