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  • mountainair - So powerful I stopped after day 4 - amazingI first tried this product about three years ago because it was on sale at a local health food store. I didn't understand the whole bit about starting with the mouth cleanse each morning, but I trusted those who study the topic and followed the instructions to the letter. Nothing happened for 48 hours and I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and bound up- I was considering stopping. I stayed with it and on day three... well, I thought I finally relieved my colon of that piece of gum I swallowed when I was 6 years old... and EVERYTHING else from end to end. Wrong. On day four I passed so much fluid and material that I started to freak out a little... how can THAT much matter be compacting in the human digestive tract? I literally felt drained, and had to have been severely dehydrated. Amazing. I stopped there. I am going to try it again to see what might happen on days 5-7... I have to imagine it will be predominately flushing fluids through from end to end at that point, and I hope will provide the full effect for my liver and other organs. I'll let you know how it goes. This stuff is not for the faint of heart. Never get more than 3 minutes away from a restroom when using it,because when it hits, it really hits.
  • Lucky Girl "Melissa" - We are absolute firm believers in this product.I have been meaning to write this review for quite awile now, and I'm finally getting around to it. I need to give you a little background on our trying to conceive, etc., before I rave about this product. I have very irregular cycles and very long cycles. My husband was tested, and his sperm did not meet the minimum requirements the testing would consider okay for his the sperm "swimming speed" and morphology. We were told that we "could" conceive, but the chances would be slim with both of us having issues with fertility. Our next step was going to be fertility drugs, etc. Since neither one of us wanted to use the fertility drugs if we didn't have to, we both thought we would give FertilAid for Men and Women a try. I had seen an ad for FertilAid in a magazine at my doctor's office. If the FertilAid didn't seem to help after a year, then we would try the fertility drugs. Up to the point of deciding to try FertilAid, we had been trying to conceive for three years with no luck. With each passing month and no pregnancy, it was getting very stressful and emotional. We ordered FertilAid for Men & Women. We both started to take the FertilAid. Within three months of taking FertilAid, we were PREGNANT!!!! We couldn't believe it. Sadly, though, at 12 weeks, we lost our baby. We were told that we could try again after three months. After the three-month waiting time, we took FertilAid again. After taking the FertilAid again for three more months and trying to conceive, we were PREGNANT! We were so very excited and scared at the same time. This time, all went well with the pregnancy; and we are the very, very proud parents of a wonderful little boy. Our son is now a year old. Like I said, I wanted to write this review for a while; and I'm finally getting to it. We plan on trying to have another baby, and we will definitely be using FertilAid again. We believe that without the help of FertilAid and God, we wouldn't have our beautiful son. When I was taking FertilAid, I could tell that my cycle was getting to be what would be considered normal, at least for me. As for my husband, the only way that we would know for sure that it was helping him is for him to get tested again to compare the test results from before and after taking FertilAid; but since we didn't have a good outlook before taking FertilAid and we had success after taking FertilAid, we believe it helped do what the product claims to do. We are looking forward to using FertilAid again and to have a wonderful new addition to our family. :)
  • "poiuyt03" - One of the Floyd's best albumsLast year, I fell in love with Pink Floyd. The first album I bought of theirs was DSotM, then The Wall, WYWH, Meddle, and now this. Out of these five albums, this is tied with Meddle and WYWH for the best album Pink Floyd's done. Of course, I haven't listened to every single album of theirs, but out of the five I have listened to, this is definitely one of their best. The first track is 'Pigs on the Wing 1', a quiet, one minute acoustic song with Waters as lead vocals. This and the end track of Animals are vital to the album as a whole; without these two songs, Animals would not be as good. The next track is the 17-minute masterpiece 'Dogs', in which David Gilmour and Roger Waters talk about one of the three classes of humans in the world. The middle of the song features an outstanding guitar solo from Gilmour, the best he's ever done besides Comfortably Numb. During the middle of the guitar solo, Water starts to sing, and at the end, he sings 'Have a good drown, all alone, dragged down by the stone...' The word 'stone' is then repeated for about a minute while it slowly fades away into nothingness. Very interesting. After 'Dogs' is my personal favorite, 'Pigs (Three Different Ones)'. An 11-minute piece, Waters bashes three types of 'pigs' in the world (the third being an actual person): the obese, the homeless, and Mary Whitehouse. I love this track, simply for its strong and powerful lyrics ('Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are... Mary, you're nearly a treat, but you're really a cry'), and the great music accompanying Waters' bitter and angry voice. Like I said before, my personal favorite on the album. The final classification of humans, 'Sheep', a 10-minute cut is probably my least favorite track on the album, but it's still very, very good. Towards the middle of the song, there's a very creepy sort of interlude where... well, you'll just have to listen to it for yourself. My favorite part of the song is when in the background, the words 'stone' start up again from 'Dogs', fitting in perfectly with the melody; it sounds really cool when you actually hear it. The last song, 'Pigs on the Wing 2', is a reprise of Part 1, finishing off Animals with a reminder that no matter how bad the world may be, love still exists... corny, I know, but it makes enough sense to me. To sum it up, this album is a must-have for rock and roll fans, especially if you like prog-rock and/or acid-rock, or if you have a strong opinion on politics and the world. Pink Floyd was way ahead of its time, and because of that this album is one of my favorites of all-time.
  • WickedPixie - A Stand For Feminism in Office SuppliesI was incredibly happy to see something made just for women, especially with how much oppression we have faced throughout history and still face to this day. Every product marketed for us women specifically is a blessing! Something I found strange, though... when I purchased these pens at Staples for use at our F to the 3rd meetings (That's Females For Feminism!) I told the cashier what I was buying them for. For some reason I received a snickering response and something mumbled about "irony"...

    Anyway, these pens are marvelous!
  • Steel - Game ChangerI didn't realize how much my life would change, once I received my 3W1M t-shirt. I immediately put on the shirt and walked over and looked in my hallway mirror. There was a faint glow/aurora around my body; I felt an odd sensation flowing through my veins. The magical powers of the wolves and moon have taken over.
    I felt energy and a pep in my step that I haven't had in years. I went down to my basement and dusted off my gym equipment and started working out. 30 minutes later I was still not out of breath but yearning for more to do. It was like I was Jason Statham in one of his non-stop action movies.
    The next day I went to work wearing my 3W1M shirt secretly under my collared shirt. Normally, people don't greet me when I walked through the office, but today people went out of their way to say good morning...especially women.
    At lunch I took the Metro (subway) to get something to eat, while leaving the station a Metro worker came up to me and commented how young and nice I looked. I have seen her at the station in the past, but she never said a word to me. The 3W1M t-shirt is the real deal.
    Just before I headed home for the day, I decided to swing by Starbucks for a drink on the road. I ordered my typical Grande Americano with Carmel, but when I got to the register, the barista gave me a wink and said it was on the house. I never get that type of attention, unlike my fellow co-workers who are Gold Members.
    So far I have no complaints with the 3W1M t-shirt. My only advice is, "Keep your shirt on and keep reaching for the stars. Stay classy people."