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  • Leonardo V. Lopez, MD - Abreva Spray pump dispenserI love Abreva, but am very disappointed with the small spray pump type of dispenser. There is no way to know when you are running low. Early this morning I needed to apply more to my cold sore and found out that it was empty. I had applied a dose last night and unknowingly used it all up. Until I am able to get to the drug store for another dispenser ( which will not be until later today), my healing is on hold. PLEASE bring back the squeeze tube!!!
  • devon travis - great!!!!!!Great!! love how i feel and a slow process fat burner which seems healthier wish the pills werent so large but i'll manage.
  • Darryl K. Clark "pywakkit" - trip the hop fantasticmassive attack's 'blue lines' is a classic example of melding deep bass lines, great percussion tracks, fabulous vocals by tricky and shara nelson and inventive samples into the music phenom known as trip hop.

    many have tried and failed at creating music this good. this is the kind of sound that can sit in the background or take center stage at any event. and its inventiveness is matched only by its timelessness. this cd sounds as good now as it did 15+ years ago.
  • Sharptooth - A Revolutionary ReadThis book has finally laid out, in clear and brilliantly understandable language, the argument against a religious monopoly on morality. Mr. Harris confronts the taboo of judging behaviors based upon an objective morality and argues that this objective morality, while not laid out in clear black and white, does have answers which will either lead to more or less human wellbeing. He goes on to argue that science, specifically neuroscience, can give us answers to these questions which will be free (or at least freer) of relativism and subjective religious outlooks and therefore better able to predict behaviors which will then lead to increased human wellbeing. This book makes a very profound statement about human morals and values as well as their future while at the same time maintaining an educated yet disarmingly simple dialog; a very good read which I do not hesitate to recommend to anyone.