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  • Victoria Sherbin - It's actually a really great game.When it first came out there were issues with the servers, I understand that. I played on one play for the first two weeks of the game while they got everything straightened out.
    Things are working great now and I can play with my friends.

    It's a great upgrade from the original Sim City and it sucks you in. I played over 40 hours the first week I had it.

    Love the series and the game. Great Job guys!
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  • Alta M. Bardsley - Excellent product!Norton Internet Security is the only antivirus software I'll use. I've used Norton for approximately 20 years and it hasn't failed me yet!!!! (knock on wood)! This price for 2 was fantastic. I always wait for Norton to put out a new product and then buy the old at a big price reduction. Norton automatically updates so you save a huge amount and yet have their latest version!!! You can't beat Amazon for bargains!
  • LOUIIMET@aol.com - I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS SERIES ON TELIVISION!!Finally a priest that is handed to his readers with human qualities that make a person want to be in his flock. Father Tim is refreshingly real. Bob Newhart would be ideal to represent this priest in a weekly telivision series. Promise Land, Touched By An Angel, and now At Home In Mitford. A town we all would love to be a part of!