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  • Moondoggie "Jeff" - Only software that removed Longfintuna malware.Longfintuna malware was on my laptop and would pop-up full screen adds to tempt me to click on it. I never did thankfully. It is a difficult malware to remove. Norton 360, Malwarebytes, & Spybot Search & Destroy all missed this malware. I decided to try Webroot and it seems to have completely removed Longfintuna malware! It has worked flawlessly along side of Norton so far. The software did a compatibility check prior to installation. Webroot is a great program/suite, and I since purchased a multiple computer upgrade to add it on my desktop computer. It automatically scans everyday and protects you in other ways too.So far I am very happy with this software!
  •  26.2 " 26.2" - Not sure how this works but it did for me! (in One Cycle!)Hello and first of all, Good Luck on your own journey. I had some problems in the past conceiving, not sure the exact problems however we did conceive our first child. Then for whatever reasons it didn't work on a cycle, so I ordered this (and had so many doubts it would work, or that maybe I shouldnt even take it!!). I ended up taking 1 pill a day up until about day 23 of my 28-day cycle. I have in the past noted a short luteal, but this time did not chart anything at all except Day One. Anyhow, lo and behold, I thought it wouldn't work. I tried testing at day 25, with a CVS EPT, but it didn't show a solid 2nd line (just very faintly) so I thought it didn't take hold. But then on day 28 nothing happened, so I bought a Clearblue Easy Digital, and it came back positive. I am certain the fertileaid helped, if nothing else, it gave me some peace of mind and hope. It did work (in one cycle, or less). I'm not sure on this point, but someone mentioned it has all the necessary prenatals so I wouldnt have missed any special vitamins and minerals if I forgot mine (I didn't though). And I dont know how exactly it helped... it did not give me any extra side effects except perhaps dehydration I felt confident I was trying everything I could, and I am excited about the rest of the process. I still have at least half a bottle left since I received it on the 9th, and took on that day, and every other day until the 21st or so. I am pleased to conceive so quickly and feel it could well have been this product. I am confident that you should read the package, but dont expect the same thing for everyone since all bodies are different. I am myself a fan of this product now (and it may be expensive but if it helps you achieve the child you are wanting, then money has no price in this case). I like the product, no taste, no gross side effects, and I used 1 pill once a day with plenty of water (and a multivitamin prenatal, and 400mg folic acid). I was nursing when it worked for me and just as a warning it can make you dehydrated.
  • S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy" - Latte Heaven! Coffee/Tea/Hot ChocolateI just cannot say enough good things about this product. My first impression out of the box is that it is attractive and well made. Within minutes of having it out of the box, I had a café latte going at full speed. It is just that easy. Once you load all the ingredients, you have a delicious coffee house creation of your own in a matter of a few minutes. So far, I have only made Café latte. I have some coconut milk and cannot wait to make a coconut latte. This machine makes fantastic hot chocolate too. The best thing I have found besides the awesome lattes is the fact that everything you make comes out piping hot, which is a great benefit I think. I posted a couple of pictures of my first batch of café latte for your viewing pleasure. If you do purchase this machine, which I highly recommend, please be sure to buy either the paper filters or the reusable filter. The machine does come with approximately five filters to get you started, but if you are like me, that just only last me two days. Even if coffee is something you do not care for, you can also use this item to make tea lattes. Chai tea would be a great thing to make a latte with. Cleanup is a breeze and I have no issue with not being able to place the carafe in the dishwasher. It has to be hand washed and I do so immediately after each use.
  • Jennefer - Excellent cookbook for all levelsMy favorite cookbook from a library of cookbooks! I have the UK version and have gifted this many times to fabulous results. While some of the ingredients might take you to a specialty store, the book is very easy to read and processes are outlined in perfect order. A must for any home cook (or professional!).
  • Chelle - haribio sugarless fummy bearsI really like these gummy bears and haven't eaten enough in one sitting to get sick from them like many describe. I do eat a decent size handful when I do. It you are looking for a good tasting sugarless option and like gummy bears this is a good way to go. I have purchased these on many occasions and am always pleased.