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  • seria - Helpful, studies-based approach to debunking pregnancy mythsThis is a really helpful, studies-based assessment of a number of assumed truths about pregnancy. Quick and interesting read. The author's working assumption is that women deserve good information regarding their pregnancies and have the intelligence and agency to make choices for themselves when given adequate information.
  • Daniele C. - This pen has revolutionized (but in the most pink, cristalline way) my writing!With other pens, I couldn't manage to get a good, perky heart over my letter "i" and my "XOXO" in my signatures just seemed to look wiggly and wrong. How could I know that it was because I was using a man's pen that had been engineered to work best for only that gender of human being who had professional sports-level coordination?!?

    Now that I have these pens, I can confidently write all the lyrics to my fave Justin Bieber songs on the back cover of my notebooks as well as play "MASH" at work on all my patients' charts without missing a beat! It sits comfortably in my hands, even though my hands were solely designed to cook, clean, and massage my husband's feet. As a nurse, I really appreciate the feminine ink colours-- it makes my charting and notes to doctors so much more respectable since they now don't think I'm trying to challenge their male authority with masculine dark blue and black ink.

    Thank you, Bic! You've saved my job, my marriage, and my whole life!