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  • topazgirl - Make your own!

    I agree that this is just too much money for what the product is. We aren't sure what the fill is made from, but it could be as simple as just plain old batting or fiberfil. So....make your own:

    Take one of your gusseted pillows that you don't like, and carefully open one seam and remove that filling. Save the filling. You will likely need more fiberfill or batting so buy some at Wally World in the sewing department or use the filling of other pillows you have but don't like. If you watch the My Pillow infomercial, at the 4:25 mark you will see that he shows the size of the filling. Looks like cotton balls. The green size looks to be the size of large cotton balls, the white size looks to be the size of regular cotton balls, etc. So I would then get some good scissors and start cutting up your old or new foam filling into the appropriate size.

    Put them into the pillow and experiment with how much you need. Sew it back up and there you are.

    I do believe the gusset is important. You can skip the sewing by finding a gusseted pillow protector. They often have zippers. One of your old pillows likely has gussets AND a zipper if you're lucky.

    PS, I believe the key to success is the balls/pieces themselves. When cutting up your own, I think that the sharp edges we undoubtedly will make with scissors will actually help the pillow to stay fluffed where it belongs.

    I haven't made mine yet, but I'm about to. In fact, what a good way to use up the stuffing of all our other pillows that we hate! I have several of the old memory foam pillows that were all too flat. Now, I can cut those up into pieces! It might even be good to mix fiberfill with the memory foam pieces.... Please don't buy down filling. I had thought that they came from dead ducks and geese from the food industry, but apparently they are pulled out of live birds, causing them great pain.

    I'm excited for this project and will give more hints after I have completed mine.

    Later: OK. Just finished it. It took me about 1.5 hours but it was a nice project. I did cut up one small Sunflower memory foam pillow and it took quite a while. But then my knives aren't very sharp. It cuts best in long strips with a knife, then cut with scissors into 1 inch pieces. I decided to mix my memory foam pieces with wadded up bits of fiberfill that I got from another pillow so as to keep it all buoyant and not sticking to itself. I stuffed the pillow and kept lying down with my head on it until I got it just right. I don't actually care much for memory foam....it's truly hard as a rock to sleep on, and gets hot as well. But in mixing the memory foam chunks with the fiberfill "wads", it made it pretty nice. It does feel "chunky" to your hand, but not to your head. Hospitals use the egg crate foam for beds and pillows and those are certainly "chunky". If you have some memory foam pillows, plus some fiberfill pillows that you don't like, you might just want to do this project. Uses what you have, as well as gives you something new. Think I just saved myself a $100....

    Update: I've been sleeping on my "new" pillow for a few days now. I totally believe the reviewers on the pillow's website who say it's changed everything. The first night, I slept all night! I usually wake up about 5 times a night or more....thought it was to go to the bathroom since that's what I would ultimately do for at least 1-2 of those times. But now I'm sleeping thru the night! I always would wake up and then adjust my pillow, trying to pull it up hard against my neck to support me. I had no idea that's what was waking me in the first place. Anyway, I'm so happy with it and sleeping much better. Also, when I would wake up, I would immediately toss and turn to get comfortable. Now, I will wake in the morning, and haven't moved!

    Not everyone will want to cut up their own pillows but if you are crafty and have the time....do it. I do think the key is to have a gusset in your pillow cover, and also, to cut up your expensive memory pillows. I believe those are the key. They return to their shape and don't just stay compacted. Also, the fact that the pieces are all cut up with air between them...they don't compress like a "mat" of foam or feathers would. As I said, I put some tufts of fiber fill inside from my regular pillows too. Mixed it all up and it's so perfect. The pillow feels big and lumpy, but your head can't tell that... just your hands. Either make one, or buy one....it really does help keep you asleep.

  • momo - nice

    this is a really good tablet for a 3 years old kid ! i gave this to my nephew in christmas and he love it, the only bad about this is the leapfrog app store they dont have free games

  • Joyce Crowley "Joyce Crowley" - Never a Better Vacuum

    Let me tell you. I've had this Vacuum Cleaner for over a year and not One Complaint. It's lightweight, and still works like a charm. I have two shedding dogs and the dirt and hair just gets sucked up with no problem. . .. As long as I clean the pads & canister around every 2 months, it keeps on sucking up dirt!!!
    FINALLY. . . a Vacuum Cleaner that is lightweight that WORKS!!!

  • Brett M. - The best guide there is

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    This is a book that can truly move you ahead on your career path.

  • david ocasio - family discipline has never been better.

    I have the family size pictured here and let me tell you what. the kids get sassy, a little down the throat does the trick. If they continue to misbehave search Amazon and you'll find juvenile approved tasers. Guaranteed to shock the piss out of them, but no poop. How cool is that. Might as well start home training now, because you never know what kind of trouble they'll find on a college campuses. If they get sick and die I am assured by the manufacture, you have plausible deniability, because who knows what aggravating factors a human being might have.