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Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - Welkom - Welkom op de Nederlandse Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman site. De plaats waar je van allerlei informatie kan vinden over Dr.Quinn. Now also a English part of the site!


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  • Chris - Good Software.I have used Norton 360 for the last three years and I will not use another product. The Anti-Virus and spyware protection, Identity protection, Tune-up tools, and automatic online backup leaves my windows PC running at its peak while providing peace of mind for my files. I really enjoy features with this product that you just don't find for this price for any other product on the market.
  • Tiff - Are you sensitive...then you must try this product!!I am sensitive to EVERYTHING...yes EVERYTHING!! These things are a life saver. I originally started purchasing these at my local CVS a few years ago. My body would react to chemicals/sexual intercourse, almost like I was allergic...thus throwing off my PH balance. Going to the Dr. every time I had a flare up and then spending money on prescriptions was getting expensive. Plus I would get a yeast infection from the medications because the Dr.'s were trying to treat me for something more. Happy to have found these less expensive on Amazon because the price has gone up $5.00 in the store over the past 3 years.
  • Manuel J. Escobar - Animal art!I've come to know about this photographer from the internet, then I said to myself that it could be a great idea as a gift for friends who love animals. I bought the calendar as a gift for a friend of mine, a woman with two cats at home, and she simply loved it. If I have to comment on the calendar itself, well, what to say? The calendar is printed in high quality paper and the photos are very sharp and colorful.
    But what makes it really shocking are the characters, those beautiful creatures captured when expressing that side of their nature, absolute spontaneity in their joy for living and playing with us...
    Seth Casteel has done a great job in imagining, realizing and then selecting the photos, in my opinion all of them are really beautiful. I don't know what the concept of Art is in these days, but If art is to be seen as a human creation that gives us emotions, I'd say this work definitely is.

    By the way, I liked this so much that I couldn't stop myself from ordering two more copies of the book! Wonderful!
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