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Integrative Medicine - Dr. Karla Dionne - Medical Doctor Vancouver - Dr. Karla Dionne is a Medical Doctor and partner practitioner at Balance Medical Centre, a centre for Integrative Medicine in Fairview Slopes, Vancouver.


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  • M. Marks - So helpful.This was my first year doing my taxes. In previous years, my dad had done them. He's an accountant (used to be a CPA), and this is the software he uses.

    It's so straight-forward, and totally stress-free. It even files the taxes electronically for me, for free. I was expecting to have to print off a 1040 from the program and mail it in. I will definitely be using H&R Block At Home when I file my 2013 taxes.

    Note: I did federal only through H&R Block. I've heard the state version is helpful too, but it's unnecessary if you live in Illinois. Illinois' free web-based tax program is very easy to use. But if you live somewhere that doesn't have this kind of free service, get the H&R Block state version too.
  • Sachin Deshpande "Sach" - Superb book and method!I bought this book last year. It has helped immensely with my back, shoulder, and foot pain.
    I think it is worth it watch her videos on YouTube so that you get understanding of Esther's general approach. The one on the Google campus is particularly good.
    Essentially, she promotes a natural posture based solution to all pains. And that is what attracted to this method (as opposed to other methods such as prescription drugs, ibuprofen, electrical stimulus, etc.)

    It does take a little time to learn, but it is well worth it. It has clear pictures and descriptions of the eight techniques. I recommend the DVD as supplement just to understand the method in depth! And if you get a chance, get trained by a Gokhale method instructor.
  • Gloria - Perfect for the Lone Coffee Drinker in the House!I decided to try the Keurig Mini after my older son, the other coffee drinker in the house, moved out, and I've fallen in love with it! The Keurig is great; it makes one cup in under two minutes, and if I'm still in the mood for another, it's quick to make a second cup - even a different flavor - and it's fresh, unlike a regular coffeepot where the coffee sits and eventually becomes bitter. It's also a smaller unit, taking up less counter space; and clean up is a breeze, since there is no large carafe to scrub out.

    I've had no problems with the Keurig Mini. As long as I use 10 ounces of water or less, it does not overflow and the coffee turns out tasty and hot. I bought two of the Ekobrew Refillable Cups that can be filled with coffee, avoiding the waste that comes with the single serve cups - the one thing that bothers me about the Keurig. These work fine, although they are a bit less convenient since they have to be cleaned, but they are better for the environment and easier on the pocketbook.

    I've also found it's great for making tea. I have a two-cup teapot that fits perfectly under the spout. I place my tea bags in the pot and pour 10 ounces of water in the machine and "Voila," the tea starts brewing when the hot water hits the pot!

    I'm very glad I purchased this Keurig; I believe the key to success with this machine is don't go over 10 ounces and it will brew a great cup of coffee or tea.
  • M-K-J "M-K-J" - Tough to follow...but I believe it worksI've read this book twice. I followed it as close as I possibly could. I evidently wasn't totally committed because I went back to my old ways. I tried it again later. I did see much improvement in my skin & I lost 35 pounds also (a major plus). Then, on 3-17-08, I read Dr. Peter Gott's column. He always provides "natural" cures to problems. Try rubbing banana skins on your skin?? What? Yes, the inside of the banana skin! After two days (applying morning only), my skin is almost clear on my hands..a place that I couldn't cover up & I was always very embarrassed about. Sounds strange, I know. And I am almost in disbelief...something as common as bananas. I eat them every week..almost daily. I've just never rubbed them on my skin. It supposedly has something to do with the fatty acids in banana skins. Go figure! Here's the article from Dr. Gott's column dated 3-17-08: Question: I have used several of your home remedies with success. The "drunken raisin" for gout, the soap under the sheets for leg cramps, castor oil for arthritis and more. My husband thought I had finally "gone off the deep end" when I went after him with a handful of banana peels. We had been using a prescription medication on his psoriasis every day for more than two years. It has had very little effect. I rubbed the inside of the banana peels on the affected patches (his head, neck, face and back) once a day. After three days, the psoriasis had nearly cleared up (about 90 percent was gone). My husband now uses the peels once a week to keep his skin clear. Thank you, from both of us, for passing along all these helpful hints.
    Answer: Other readers have had marvelous success treating their psoriasis with the banana-peel therapy. It is cheap, easy, safe and -- apparently --effective. For those unfamiliar with this therapy, all you do is rub the inside of the banana peel on the affected patches of skin once a day. Remember not to waste the banana. It is nutritious and delicious. End of column.
    If you suffer from Psoriasis like I have, try rubbing the banana peel on your skin. What do you have to lose. Bananas are cheap & you were going to throw away the peeling anyway, right? I don't know longterm how this will work for me, only time will tell. In the meantime, I try to eat right and I've begun to exercise. It all plays a part in your overall health. Blessings to you all!