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  • Tatyana Kanzaveli - Recommended reading for brands and consumers!Not too many books appeal to both: consumers and brands. This book "Age of Context" by Shel Israel ( @shelisrael ) and Robert Scoble ( @scobleizer ) most definitely does! It filled with so many stories, examples of the most innovative technologies used by forward thinking brands. It also explains the impact of those advanced technologies on people's lives.

    The magnitude of the impact of 5 technological forces described in the book: mobile devices, social media, big data, sensors and location-based services, should not be underestimated.

    Brands that are not staying abreast of the latest trends will be facing major challenges to stay relevant, provide experiences expected by their customers.

    People need to be aware of new types of potential implications these exciting devices and technologies bring into their lives: privacy, security and more.

    This book is a masterpiece of brilliant storytelling about geeky matters in humanly digestible way!
  • SteveFl - Samsung Galaxy 10.1I like this thing. The first one I got was DOA, but after an instantaneous and painless replacement from Amazon, the second one has been flawless. There is so much you can do with these -- surfing, Skype'ing, music, movies, maps, books, etc. Bluetooth, WIFI, and all the Android apps. I'm a bigtime gadget guy and this is my go-to device for any time that I leave the house. Roadtrips, airplanes, the grocery store or the doctors office, this tablet performs very very well. With a set of Bluetooth headphones you can listen to music (or Pods or whatever) and tune the world out.

    When I'm not traveling, the Galaxy lives in my living-room where it has become the 'pick it up and find out about that' thingie. Recipes, weather, who was in that movie, and all that. There are Droid apps for controlling your TV (and your air conditioning for that matter). The price/performance ratio for this tablet is outstanding. It gets constant use in our house and I'm glad we got it. If there is something that some other device does that this one does not, I am not aware of it. And, yes, some of my friends are Apple-people. You don't need that. This is good enough. Better than good enough!
  • Kandisimo - Attitude ChangeI used to hate vacumning. For one thing, I'd have to change the belt on my Smart Vac almost every other time that I used it. Something was wrong, but I couldn't figure out what. Only that it'd work fine again with a new belt. Of course, bags had to be purchased as well. Good luck with that if you aren't very organized.. This Shark vacumn is wonderful so far. I love to vacumn my house and see results immediately. It is picking up the dog hair and even the stuff I don't see there on my hard floor, until it all collects in that little chamber in the vacumn. I'm amazed every time. I highly recommend this product so far. I sure hope it keeps doing the job!!!! Thanks, Shark.
  • Jennifer Nolan "jennmccord" - This was worth the wait!I pre-ordered this book months ago and was so excited when it arrived today. I started paging through it and was captivated, as I always am by the photos and stories that Brandon captures.

    I laughed, I cried, and I almost forgot to pick my kids up from the bus stop. Totally worth it.
  • Robert R. Van Kirk - Very ProvocativeAs a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice with my Bachelors, I've done a lot of reading about police and public policy regarding criminal justice in America. Never in any of my classes did I come across a similar assertion to the author of this book. However, he does build a strong case for the militarization of the police and I've read accounts of failed community policing policies that were witnessed to in this book. I can only hope that politicians and police chiefs, not to mention current and future police officers, read this book.