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  • MB "MB" - Goes great with a dick in a box!

    My wife and I share the same birthday, so we always like to exchange gifts like a mini-Christmas. I got he my dick in a box, so when I unwrapped binders of women I was a little worried it would turn into an O. Henry story. But let me tell you, a binder of women, a dick in a box, 3 rings, and a 2 inch EZ turn ring is perfect! Did I mention EZ-turn ring??!!!

  • lnh - Absolutely Amazing Align

    First of all, it is expensive but worth every penny. Buy the 42 count on subcription at Amazon and you will save nearly half of buying at the pharmacy and you will never run out. (I don't work for Amazon or Align) Next, it takes 4 months to work totally but, in my experience and according to my doctor, if you take it every single day without fail it will work. My old doctor diagnosed Irritable Bowel several years ago and all he gave me was Hillbilly Heroine for the pain. Nothing for the diarrhea, constipation and stomach upset. Then 2 years ago I started having fits of vomitting every two weeks. After all the medical test ever invented finding me completely healthy the doctor told me to see a psychiatrist because it was all in my head. Thankfully, I found a new doctor that said "they don't make a medication that will help you". He told me all about my symptoms and then about Align (and also Papaya Enzyme tablets). I started that day (6 months ago) and still had a couple of bouts but have been totally symptom free for more than 2 months now. No vomitting, no diarrhea, no pain and cramping - nothing. I know everyone is different and it may not be for everybody but this worked like a dream for me. I couldn't be more pleased. You will never know if you don't give it a try (for 4 months).

  • Douglas Tanner "Author: Alec Kerley and the ... - The Power Of The Wolf!!!

    So, there I was, slapping my palm to my forehead repeatedly, trying to knock the idea for the werewolf scene in my next book right out onto the computer keyboard. "Get-Out-Of-There-NOW!" I croaked, red-faced and teary-eyed. Before I knew it, my elbow whacked my Mt. Dew (Divine Nectar) onto the keyboard instead, and then, as if by Internet magic, there before me was The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee.

    I gawked at it in awe. Pure awe.

    It was fate. What God was obviously trying to tell me was that I needed the Power Of The Wolf from that t-shirt in order to overcome my werewolf writer's block. Plus, Takei loves the shirt, and it is my Prime Directive never to interfere with nor question his Brilliance.

    So I ordered it and gave up all attempts at writing until I had that shirt in my hands. In fact, I set up my pup tent out next to the mailbox by the highway and lived off squirrels and road kill until it finally arrived (Thank God).

    I snatched the Amazon box from the alarmed mail lady (as if she'd never before been stalked for a week at the mailbox by others, yeah right), tore into it, and slid the t-shirt on. I was immediately filled with Power From On High. I howled long and loud, then ran full-speed into the house and burst into my office with renewed vigor.

    It was like a dream. My fingers flowed over the keyboard like melted butter on frog legs! Before I knew it, that pesky werewolf scene was finished and I was chasing my wide-eyed children around the house, growling and imitating a real wolf. What fun!

    Now, I never sit down to write without my Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee. In fact, I never take it off. When my sly wife tries to be tricky and slip that Shirt Of Power off me to be washed, I say, "No way, Baby. The wolves are staying right where they're at!" Then I run into the office and lock the door.

    Take it from me, The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee will imbue you with the Power Of The Wolf. Then, watch out! It just might change your life.

  • L. Longo "Bookmom" - I've got too many binders and not enough women in them

    Well, I want to thank everyone for the extremely helpful reviews, it made me understand my problem! I've got stacks of binders, but not one woman in any of them. No wonder the laundry is never done and I've got that stack of takeout containers. I mean, the floors need to be washed, the sheets changed and the toilet scrubbed.

    I sincerely hope that in the next product line Avery will include a binder pre-filled with women who are programmed to get home and make dinner and clean the house. Stop all that working and thinking, it gets in the way of dinner preparation.

    Also, for those single parents out there, can I also suggest that Avery make a binder pre-filled with reusable spouses? I know this single parent needs one desperately, now that I know just by being single I am the reason for gun violence in this country, I understand it is my civic duty to buy myself a spouse.

    So thanks Avery for allowing us to post our reviews.