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  • Steven P. Hanlon - Miller Makes Tufte Proud...

    I've owned a couple of copies of the Thru-Hiker's Handbook, and while very helpful, it can't compare with the rich layering of information contained in the AT Guide. Combining the centerline data and the elevation profile along with tick marks is pure genius. The more you look at it the more you'll get out of the book. The town facility summaries and maps are well-written and nicely organized and are in-line with the AT mileage. The fact that everything in the book is fairly sequential makes it easy to carry a few hundred "miles" of the book by just pulling pages out in order or by using the loose-leaf edition. If you are thru-hiking or just hiking on the AT - this book is a must have!

  • G Word "G Word" - Works As Advertised

    There are a lot of theories and assumptions made about the effectiveness of colon cleansing. I am not a medical authority so it is impossible for me to comment as to this product's capability to acheive the intended medical benefits over time. I will say that I have been using this product for over six months and have found that it does everything it advertises. If you take the product as directed, your digestive system will become regular, and you will be a lot more sensitive to the few occassions later you experience constipation. I use to get frequently constipated, however, since using this product, I have been constipated in the six month period less than four occassions. It is important for the user to be consistent in taking the product in regular intervals and also do not resist the urge to respond to your body's need to naturally cleanse itself at the time. Very effective, I plan to not stop using or substitute to the other multitude of products available. I"m not saying the others are not effective, because I have never tried, however, I know this works, so why go to another?

  • Susan Cox - 3 Months and Counting

    I bought the NutriBullet three months ago, use it daily and LOVE this little machine. I read reviews which talked about about leaks and nearly didn't buy it, but in the end decided to take the risk and I'm delighted I did. Use some common sense and don't overfill the thing -- the safe maximum is clearly marked on the see-through container -- and screw the unit snugly to the blade assembly -- not lug-nut tight; just securely. Remember to replace the silicone washer in the blade assembly unit every time (voice of experience speaking) and you'll have no problems. So, to repeat: don't overfill, snug the unit to the blade assembly and make sure the silicone washer/seal is seated. It won't leak; it's easy to clean, and it does the job.

    I bought the thing after realizing that I was about 80% short of my daily fruits and vegetables servings. Every day. I figured those dietary charts were made up by people who knew a thing or two, so I tried to figure out a way to painlessly add fruits and veggies to my diet without peeling and steaming.

    I make a breakfast smoothie-type drink every morning. I core and cut my apple into quarters, but I'm not sure even that much prep is necessary. Chopping up the apple, shoving in the kale, strawberries, and blueberries, adding some water or juice and twisting on the blade assembly takes 90 seconds; running the machine takes another 20 seconds. Clean-up means rinsing the blade assembly and cup under the faucet and letting them drip dry. I remove the silicone washer to rinse it separately. A total of twenty seconds. So in less than three minutes I've prepared breakfast and cleaned up.

    Remember this isn't a juicer--it pulverizes everything so you get the seeds, skin, pulp, everything in an easy-to-drink smoothie consistency, which means you're getting the fiber and all the vitamins contained in the fruit and veggies.

    Recipes come with it, but after one or two experiments I've found something I like and make the same thing pretty much every morning. Sometimes I add a banana, or use a pear instead of an apple, but otherwise I'm happy in my rut.

    It's not quiet--this is a powerful little machine and the first time I turned it on I thought I might wake up a neighbor. But I'm used to it now and since it only runs for a handful of seconds none of the neighbors have complained.

    Remember: don't overfill, snug the unit to the blade assembly, make sure the silicone washer is seated. And enjoy.