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  • C. G. King - Best price, best coverageI've used other security packages and far prefer Norton for several reasons. I was about to buy my new version at a store, then checked Amazon on my phone and couldn't believe the price difference. Consequently I ordered the product here. I was at the end of my last installation so was extra pleased when the product was Prime delivered the next day! Can't beat that.

    I like Norton because although like all the security packages it slows startup a little, it's the least painful. I like that when I'm on the internet, it shows me which sites are Norton approved before I go to them. It checks all new product installs too. It does its background scans unobtrusively, reminds me about backups and when my latest version is nearing the end of my year long install period. I find renewing online more expensive than buying a new package at the store and don't want to download it anyway due to the data limit on my internet usage. I'd rather have the disk especially since I have multiple computers.

    All in all, Norton has met all my needs well and at the price listed here on Amazon at the time of my purchase it was too good a deal to pass up.
  • Kim Bronakoski - One Day ResultsAs soon as the cold weather hits I end up in an endless battle to fend off cold sores and this year was no different. I had received a free sample of the new Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360 about a week or two previously so I was already prepared for this outbreak. After washing the affected area all that I had to do was squeeze the little vial until the liquid medication went up into the tip of the touch-free applicator then rub on the area until all the liquid was gone. Within a few moments the pain was alleviated and by the next day I could see a visible improvement as well. My job involves working with the public in the restaurant industry so knowing that I could count on Orajel to save me from embarrassment was a great feeling and I will make sure to always keep these on hand.
  • Super Mum - Easy enough for a child... complex enough for an adultI think the true testament to this product is that my 9 year old child was able to sit down with zero instructions and figure it out in a couple minutes. He was able to change from pen to paintbrush to any of the other tools right away. He was able to change colors, add geometric shapes/designs, erase, change brush size/shape/nibs, make straight lines, use symmetry, etc. without any instruction or assistance. The main reason I chose this product was to find a way to further inspire the comics he draws (for a child they are so good they could easily be published). Using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro he was able to draw his comics he typically freehand draws much faster and "better" as he can now make a perfect circle and even lines without dragging out tools he never used with paper. While there are other products that are capable of similar functions, this is extremely easy to use. We have, and regularly do use Photoshop for different functions but the complex menus are more complicated to find and use for sketching. With Autodesk Sketchbook Pro the primary function is drawing/painting and everything you need is right on the screen and can quickly be accessed by hovering over a menu until it expands. Also, the cost difference between this product and Photoshop is expansive if you are only planning on using it for sketching and wouldn't be justified. Photoshop, my favorite as the photographer of the family, is in my opinion is a perfect program for photography rather than sketching and therefore would explain why it is not as user friendly for this function.

    We are using this product on a Mac Mini (2010 version: Apple Mac Mini MC270LL/A Desktop) with a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet though it can be used with a mouse as well. The downside of a mouse is that it is unable to read the pressure in which you are drawing/painting. With a mouse, your art will not reflect light and heavy "brushstrokes" without changing the brush settings manually which I would imagine would be quite difficult to impossible to make a cohesive line that shows an artificial variation in pressure.

    The program installed quickly and flawlessly and required no extra setup/drivers/etc. to be used with the Wacom Tablet. Both the Mac and PC programs are available on a single disk which is unusual and welcomed.

    While we are not professionals by any stretch of the imagination I can 100% recommend this product to those artists who are wanting to take the first step into the digital world and are looking for an intuitive, easy to use product that is easy on the wallet. There are enough tools that this program can easily grow with you and your skills as a digital artist.
  • FaithfulReader.com - Both a spiritual tale and a science fiction novelTHE RETURNED is the already highly acclaimed debut novel of Jason Mott, who has been well known for his poetry collections. I'll start by noting that the underpinnings of the book --- the return of the dead, and displacement --- are not unknown, particularly in science-fiction literature. For example, two of my favorite speculative works deal with such topics: COUNTER-CLOCK WORLD by Philip K. Dick, where the dead begin returning to life as the result of time running backward, and a short story entitled "The Quickening" by Michael Bishop, in which, for unknown reasons, everyone is...switched.

    The book also bears a number of similarities --- including its title --- to the French television series "Les Revenants." However, Mott takes the concepts in some very different and more deeply personal directions. Perhaps most importantly, his writing style is ultimately reminiscent of Thornton Wilder or Ray Bradbury. The result is a book that you will keep, recommend and discuss long after you have reached the final page.

    The plot is both simple and complex, and stunningly so. The "simple" is that people who have died are returned to life, exactly as they were the moment before their departure. Not everyone who has ever lived and died gets the return ticket back, at least as far as can be determined (more on that in a moment); someone who perished 30 years ago might be returned; another, who passed away a century ago, or even 10 years ago, may still be on the other side of the veil. Oh, another thing: those who get a second bite at the apple aren't necessarily returned to their last known address, either. Four Nazi soldiers who were killed in battle in World War II find themselves in Rochester, New York; two lovers are separated by the breadth of the North American continent; and a minister is drawn across state lines by a long-forsaken temptation that is doomed to failure.

    The primary concern of THE RETURNED is a boy named Jacob Hargrave, who comes from a small Alabama town. Jacob, who drowned when he was eight years old, is found a half-century later along a riverbank in China. His return to his parents --- in their 20s at the time of his death but well into their 70s in the present --- introduces the "complex" part of the equation, which is not as obvious as the question of "how" or even the "why" of the returnings, but rather the "what": specifically, what is to be done with these newly returned people, who are at first a trickle onto the earth, but later a flood? That is what forms the up-close and personal element of THE RETURNED.

    Those who are returned are considered a miracle in the flesh by some, a carbon-based photocopy by others, and an unwelcome and unnatural manifestation by many. The government's solution is predictably well-intended and reliably hapless: create a Bureau of the Returned and put them in "centers." As with most such projects, it works for a while. When it stops, though, the overcrowding in the centers and lack of resources soon reach the point of no return on both sides of the fence. Something has to give, and give it does, as neighbor turns against neighbor for reasons no one entirely understands. Before the novel is over, things will have changed irrevocably on many levels, both obvious and otherwise.

    While a parable, THE RETURNED is also a spiritual tale and a science fiction novel, and it confronts the beholder with the question What would you do? and does not leave until given an answer, however unpleasant it may be.

    Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub
  • Karen Daguanno - On my way to the job of my dreams!!This binder is going to be an awesome way to get the word out to prospective employers that I am a woman with the qualifications they are looking for! And by adding those Wilson Jones Insertable Binder Tab Dividers, 8 Tab Multicolor (W54311A) by ACCO, I can really highlight my experience, skills, education, publications and references. To think that for all these years I have been held back by sending my CV in just a Columbian CO790 9x12-Inch Clasp Brown Kraft Envelopes, 100 Count when what I really needed to blast past those other applicants was some snappy vinyl and three shiny rings!!