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  • debonline - EXACTLY What I Was Looking For!Just what I needed--a small, up-to-date pocket campanion to help me stay on track--even when I'm out and about. All the fast-food restaurants and the food I normally eat are listed, along with a lot of other useful information. Note that it also comes in a large print edition. Reasonable price too! :)
  • Dancing Horse - Headed to Surgery...Not Anymore Thanks to this BookI'm a 40+ female and I've had several decades of back and neck pain. As an avid equestrian for 15+ years I had also taken several falls over those years with my most severe fall resulting in a concusion, torn disks and a fractured vertabrae. It would be unfair to blame my back problems just on riding as I spent long hours at a desk. I've seen chiropractors, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, acupuncturists, massage therapists with limited relief. I've had injections, physical therapy and just about every supplement, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, neurological suppresant or pain med you could think. My MRIs show torn disks, arthritist, stenosis, a fractured vertebrae, mild kyphosis and scoliosis, just to name a few. In other words my back was a wreck and I was in some form of pain 24 hours a day. My pain had gotten so bad that pain meds couldn't touch it. I had to give up riding and any form of exercise because if I walked or stood for more than 15 minutes the pain often became so bad I had to lay down for hours. I had chronic numbness and pain in both arms and legs and in my shoulders, neck and head when things were really bad. Often my back felt like it was on fire. I did find that trigger point massage helped me so I do recommend it, but invariably my muscles would go back into large tight knots.

    I had purchased Esther's book and tried a few things half-heartedly but thought a posture book can't help someone as bad off as me. I was just about to give in and have my neck fused as my surgeon had recommended, but when he told me that the neck fusion wouldn't fix the numbness and pain in my legs and that I would probably require a second surgery something inside me said don't do it. I thought I'm too young to do so much surgery on my back, but I also knew that I couldn't continue to go on in the pain I was in.

    In December, 2011, I pulled out Esther's book again and slowly and carefully started applying the concepts. I thought maybe I could get a little pain relief while I tried to figure out which doctor or treatment option I should try next. I did not expect to get any significant relief. Esther's book proved me wrong. Intitally I just did stretch sitting in my car and my 1 and 1/2 hour commute became much more comfortable. So I started stretch lying on my side and trying to stretch sit at work as well. Intially I had to do a lot of repositioning as I'd slumped back into my old curled up posture but I often found minutes where my whole back relaxed and stretched out. When you've been in chronic pain to some degree for years it was stunning to me to experience this at all. Then I started adding in working on my inner corset. To my surprise I was actually starting to feel better. I couldn't believe that I was actually finding pain relief from a book.

    Now I am certainly not 'cured' but I've gone from being in chronic pain 24/7 that would go as high as an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale to having my pain level sit around a 2 the majority of the day. I've gotten enough relief after 6 weeks that I'm actually starting to believe that I might not need surgery and that I may be able to go back to an active life.

    You can get direct relief and help from this book. I did, a lot of relief. After spending thousands of dollars on doctors and treatments with limited relief, it is pretty ironic that it was a book (how much more low cost and low tech can you get) that has given me the biggest relief. Just as important as the physical relief I am experiencing is the mental relief of having less pain and knowing how to help myself. I was so impressed with the results from the book that I signed up to take a class with Esther. She is a wonderful and gifted instrutor and she helped me figure out the nuances that I was missing. I highly recommend taking a class with Esther but don't think you have to take her class to get help. You can get it from the book.

    If you buy this book and apply these concepts I believe you will reduce your pain and potentially dramatically like I have. My advice is don't push for too much progress at once. If it hurts, check your position and adjust or just back off. You didn't develop a problem overnight and you can't fix it overnight. I made rapid progress just by doing little things and reading and re-reading the book and checking and re-checking my form. I tried to focus on one or two concepts in a week, not all of them at once. I actually found that I did better when I didn't try too hard which usually resulted in rigid muscles which increased my pain. Build from small steps of success. When you start to get tired or things start aching go do something else. The flipside is that you do have to be consistent in trying to apply the concepts, you don't however, want to be aggressive with your body.

    I'm only about 6 weeks in and I can't believe how much better I feel. I'll post in about 6 months with an update. I think this book is a critical component to recovering from and preventing back pain. I wish you success in finding relief from your pain.
  • Cheuk-man Kong - Loving the super wide angle lensI use this lens quite often. This is the wide-angle zoom lens goes perfectly with my rebel xti. With this lens, I can fit tall skyscraper, wide landscape, room interior into one picture. The lens is very well built. One downside with the lens is the distortion on the wide-end. But I think this is inevitable in every wide-angle lens.
  • Dana McNeely - A story set in Italy, Hollywood, and North IdahoWhen the dying actress steps off the fishing boat in Porto Vergogna, Italy, Pasquale Tursi, is tossing boulders into the ocean in an attempt to build up a beach beneath his family's empty pensione, the Hotel Adequate View. In what seems 'a burst of clarity after a lifetime's sleep', Pasquale realizes he is in love with her...or if not, with her...than with this moment. But the lovely American is in love with a Hollywood icon, a man whom she should not love. And besides, she is, well...dying.

    Walter manages the many points of view, changes of locale, and time shifts with effortless slight of hand, working in the thematic elements in the title with a deft touch. He is a master at portraying longing, humor, and pathos. He drags the reader with him, helpless to resist his siren call, across oceans, cultures, and time.

    A beautiful funny-sad story, masterfully told, with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor holding walk-on roles.