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  • Miles Bennett Dyson - I have a great idea for a new micro processorThe only issue I had was the power source. I wanted the processor to be small enough and powerful enough to run anything from a toaster to full anthropomorphic toaster. I've been working on a cybernetic hand I've been calling Mr. Grip-it and have been toying around with putting it on a custom made, fully functional, cybernetic statue I made of my favorite ex-action star, Jean Claud Van Damn but it just didn't seem to fit so I retro-fitted it to an older version I called Autonomous Radioactive Neural Overblown Lead Destroyer or A.R.N.O.L.D for short. I have a few friends who don't think this was such a good idea but if I've learned anything from TV and popular culture it's that nothing bad can ever come from creating a new species of sentient robots, right @Mr. Anderson, @Bill Adama, @John Conner, @Dr. Dave Bowman and @Rick Deckard ?
  • Matthew - Great product for the moneyFirst off, I never had really bad acne but it always seemed that I had a couple of zits at any given moment. I had used a prescription but that made my skin dry so I wanted to try something different.. That's when I decided to give Exposed skin care a try. I started off using it everyday and pretty much instantly I noticed my skin get clearer. One and a half years later, I still use it but now I probably only use it 3 or 4 times a week. My skin still looks great and it's the same price that I was spending for my prescription. I only use the basic kit and it works wonderful.
  • E. Smoger - Perfect for occasional labelingThis labeler is perfect if you just need something basic for around the house. I used it to label my files and they look great and are much easier to read than my previous pen-on-cardboard-with-my-sloppy-handwriting labels.

    Easy to use,
    very ugly color(does that matter for a labeler?)

    love it
  • C. Leese - Great download experienceI have been a Quicken user since the first editions hit the market. I upgraded every 3-4 years in the past, but now it must be every 3 years in order to keep download ability from financial institutions. I read the reviews of this product from earlier users and was somewhat hesitant to upgrade, yet, I needed to do so for the financial downloads. I downloaded Quicken Deluxe 2013 with absolutely no glitches. It removed my old Quicken 2010 but kept ALL the files and transferred them to Quicken 2013. EVERY file transferred with no exceptions and no corruption of data. I do not, at this time, use the Mobil features, but I feel confident that it will work when I need it. I would also like to add that Quicken has always been great at updating and fixing any problems that users bring to their attention.

    Update: I just activated the mobile/cloud and it works just fine!