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  • Michele Venuti "Mik" - A mini encyclopedia of Occultism and Spirituality

    I purchased 2012 after having read and enjoyed Pinchbeck's previous book - Breaking Open the Head - and I absolutely loved it. The author discusses a variety of spiritual/metaphysical themes, as they present themselves in his life, providing his own interpretation plus what other authors speculate about it. The inclusion of brief summaries of other authors' work is the best feature in 2012 because it provides an extensive list of future possible readings on those subjects. Although I agree with other reviewers who think the book has not much continuity as Pinchbeck switches from theme to theme rather abruptly, this issue does not undermine the reading experience and the book's content. Pinchbeck discusses his private life extensively and shows the reader how he reconciles his daily life with the newly acquired insights. A great book.

  • Vermyn - Our clients were super impressed and I may be on my way to VP

    I am a business manager of a successful Boston law firm and, as such, am counted on to mail out impressive holiday gifts to our top clients. Gone are the days when Harry and David impressed the titans of industry. Now they expect fine French wines, imported cheeses, Cuban cigars and the like. Nothing pedestrian will do. After last year's live "Swan in a Box," debacle I realized that I had to downright awe our clients this year to reamin employed ... and I developed a debilitating case of acid reflux worrying about what to send. But then my doctor mentioned TUSCAN MILK. He'd received a gallon from a drug rep and raved on and on about it. The rich buttery flavor and distinctive milky nose .... Well, I sent out over 50 gallons to our VIPs and the accolades have been pouring in. These are high-wealth individuals who pretty much can afford most anything but never would consider lavishing themselves with a gallon on milk. That we cared enough to do so really cemented the relationship between them and my law firm. And may be my ticket to full VP, by the way. Thanks Tuscan Milk!