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  • joshua deschenes - Better than SB1

    Purchased from another side (crutchfield) to compare to SB1 i purchased from amazon. Wife wanted sound bar so gave up 7.1 system for this. Happy wife, happy life.

    Highly recommend the sound bar. Sub sounds terrific. Set up is super easy. Only draw back is volume has large steps so hard to dial in sound.

    Order SB3 and SB1 and listen to the difference. While the SB1 is ok, you will be amazed by the sound depth in the SB3.

  • - Happy to be healthy.

    This book has changed my life. No joke. I am a woman in my 20's and I have had crohn's disease for many years. After being diagnosed 2 years ago I was depressed and felt powerless. No cure is a terrible prognosis to live with. I found this book and figured I had nothing to loose. It's a little dull to read, but the bottom line is that the diet works. My new doctor was shocked to find that I am not on any maintanence drugs and never have been, but I live a basically symptom free life. All thanks to this diet. My recent x-rays are proof that the diet is working. I won't lie to you, the diet involves some sizable sacrafices. Some days it's really hard to not eat whatever you want, but feeling great makes it worth it. A year into the diet I find my tastes have matured and I love many foods that I wouldn't have discovered if not on this diet. Overall, I'm much healthier in every respect. I no longer live in fear of flare ups and the damage they do. Best of all, I can avoid harmful drugs. Try the diet in this book. It could change your life, too.

  • cnoelle - A book that complimented the first

    I am someone who dreds squeals. They almost always someone ruin the first book. Insurgent is one of the few that is not that way. Insurgent complimented Divergent very well! Each chapter had me at the edge of seat eager to find out what was going to happen next. I was so into the book I finished it in under a day! I highly recommend this book!