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  • A. Alves - This is world class software

    Under 190.00.... Come on people.
    I run a corporation with millions in working capital and this software just set up the last 2 years in 2 days.

    I never used it before and it was so simple to get started, I kick myself for not getting it earlier.

    Seriously, one star because you lost some color settings? Get real.

    Any setup example and some basic knowledge of finances and you are up and running. Read the reviews that pertain to the accounting side of the software and not the looks of it and you will see how good the software is at this price mark. I would know, I am also a software architect and will tell you there is no such thing as perfect, but this software is the closest I have seen in a long time.

    Sure there are some things that could be improved, but they are so trivial.

    Run a report, change it on the fly, save it...pure awesome.
    Confused about credit vs debits, no problem, right click and enter diff methods and recheck your results and you will see where you were confused.

    I rarely give a product five stars, but this one deserves it for this price.

  • chaz - my wife loves it

    i bought this as a present for my wife after she saw some kitchen of the rich and famous in a magazine with a built in herb garden. she was suprised and loved it. she has used it to grow herbs and tomatos. if you know somone who loves to cook with fresh ingridents this thing will make them verry happy. it is verry easy to use and works just as described. you just have to keep it full of water and give it a neutrient tablet every now and then. the stuff grows super fast and lasts a long time. it has it's own light so you don't have to put it by a window.

  • mom to 3 boys - Fixes computers

    Best proof Kaspersky works!! My friend who has 4 teens and they download things left & right on her computer. One day her computer absolutely froze up. I had to dump her system & reset it back to manufactory setting by going into her DOS just to get her desk top to come back up, and still it wasn't working right. She tried upgrading her anti-virus software and even downloading Norton and Avast on her computer and still it wasn't working right. I had an extra Kaspersky user left on my disc and downloaded it on her computer and Kasperky found 7 suspicious malware and 2 Trojan and removed them from her computer (that Norton and avast didn't find) and now her computer is working Just fine! Let just say my friends said she now going to use nothing but the K!!

  • T. Scarillo "music snob" - Another great Bruce calendar

    I've purchased the last several years of Bruce Springsteen calendars for my office bulletin board, and the 2013 one is another good one. For this edition, Danny Clinch took all the shots, and the image theme of the calendar is of Bruce's latest album ("Wrecking Ball"). No band shots this time out, only shots of Bruce - half in B&W, half in color, with some nice posed shots, some of him playing guitar (The Esquire), a couple of silhouettes. The paper quality is nice quality semi-gloss, and it would make a good gift for yourself or the Bruce fan in your life.

  • K. Brandt - ditch the loser

    This book helped me see men more clearly. Very powerful! Really opened my eyes to the type of loser i was sweating over! I feel so much better about myself after reading this. And i haved stronger aspirations about not only my life but about the men that i will let into it from now on! I deserve so much more than I was allowing myself--I am truly grateful that i purchased this. A must read for all women who have ever been treated poorly by a man--Never again!