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  • Dar1in "dar1in" - Good food for thoughtObviously 2012 came and went with nothing horrible happening but the authors have mentioned on Prophecy in the News that perhaps something unbeknownst to us did actually happen. Whether this is true or not it does give you food for thought. Many of us believe this is a Christian nation founded on good, wholesome, Christian values. Apparently we're not and weren't and all the evidence in the book is very believable. It makes you more aware that tribulation is coming and that one should prepare in the best way possible. And it makes you want to pray for America and I hope all who do read this book begin praying for us every single day. And don't forget to pray for Israel.
  • DD "Review" - Finally, a Dark Hair SolutionI have thick black hair and it has been a constant problem. Even when I shaved, the hair was visible under my skin. I was always fighting ingrown hairs, stubble, and razor burn. After 2 weeks, about 40-60% of my hair began falling out. It hasn't been 4 weeks yet, but I am hoping to see a lot more hair loss soon. I am still shaving every 4 days, but I used to have to shave every day. Even if I never lost any more hair, it would be worth the 400$ because I don't have to deal with the constant ingrown hairs, razor burn, and stubble that came from how thick and dense the hair was. I have a medium complection my underarms and bikini are light, but my legs and arms get pretty dark tan over the summer. I was worried that my skin tone would be too dark or that it would hurt too much because I had tanner skin (it doesn't hurt any more on my tanner skin than on my lighter skin areas). I have a high pain tollerance, but it hurt and seemed to get very hot at first. I started out on level 2-3 and after a bit, the area kind of adjusts to the prickling/heat sensation. Then I could go over the area again on Level 4 or, usually 5. A glass of wine or motrin kind of helped too. But, now that the density of my hair is so decreased, pain isn't really an issue. To make sure I get my legs thoughouly, I started lining them with an orange highlighter.
  • the viking - A great album ........ on two discsThe wall is one of the greatest rock albums to be ever made.This great album has sold over 22 million copies to date and is popular in all the continents in the world solely due to songs like Run like hell,another brick in the wall and Comfortably numb.I urge you to add this beauty to your collection today.