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  • KFerlita - Windows 8 Pro Upgraded on an Older Windows XP System

    This software installed flawlessly on a four year old Dell Vostro 2 Quad CPU 2.4 gHz with 4 GB RAM [32-bit]. I use this system at home which runs 24/7 to do scheduled backups and also runs remote access software. Also installed the same software version on my Inspiron Zino HD 410 which is linked to our family room flat screen TV. Like the Windows 8 platform keeps all devices in sync. Also downloaded the Media Center Key Tag offered by Microsoft and works the same as with previous Window version. Highly recommend upgrading, it may take some adusting to the design changes, but seems to be stable and works great. Planning to upgrade the other home computers to Windows 8, but with Touch Monitors to maximize the sofware's power.

  • NDIrish11 - Way better than 2012

    The cover is more substantial, the pages receive highlighters much better than 2012 edition, and the color-on-every-page makes it so much easier to use and read than 2011 edition. If you're in your first two years and don't use First Aid by now, you should. Furthermore, 2013 is the issue to go with. Errata from 2012 has all been corrected, and I haven't seen any egregious typos or errors so far.
    I spoke with one of the contributing editors recently, and he highlighted another important aspect of this edition. It's pharmacology is MUCH more accurate, removing about 70 drugs from 2012 ed. that have been off the market in the US for as many as 40 years. While some have educational value, the USMLE does not test drugs not currently available.

  • Evangeline Cachinero "Van" - I was simply amazed and I recommend to anyone!!!

    I first used Dermatend on a constellation of moles on my back. The moles scabbed up in about two days and fell off shortly after. Then all my body had to do was heal and it did quickly. Now I can reach behind my neck and feel smooth skin. It's wonderful! I was so confident about the product that I even used it on my face, and it worked beautifully. I recommend this to anyone who wants to remove a mole. It sure beats having surgery and doesn't leave the huge scars that surgery does. Dermatend was so easy, so quick and I was simply shocked at how well it worked. A++++ from me.

  • rippend - Love this Chair

    This chair is the easiest thing to use. It's great to keep in the car and have something safe to place our baby in. I love it because it brings her up to our level and she can see what is going on. This also makes sitting at tables that are higher off the ground a breeze as you just strap it right to the table. We have not had any problems with this chair and we recommend it to everyone we know.