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  • Time Finder - Great BookThis was very disturbing to read. I felt like I was with Elizabeth the entire time. Her captors are evil horrible people. I am so proud of the woman she has become. I don't know that I would recommend the book only because it is horrible what Elisabeth went through. I found myself thinking of her everyday. I wish her a life time of happiness.
  • JD - Worked in 2 days!After a bad bout of acid reflux disease, I started experiencing cramping and bloating after almost every meal. It felt as if I couldn't digest food properly. My doctor recommended probiotics and a friend recommended this particular brand. I was a little apprehensive at first because after reading reviews for various probiotic products, it seemed like everyone's stomach microflora is different, may or may not mesh well with the probiotics, and it's impossible to know in advance whether a particular supplement will work; some people even report worsening of their problems after taking them. Not me though--two days after I started taking this product, all the stomach discomfort is gone!
  • Reader - Life in DeathLet me add a word or two of praise to the acclaim already heaped on "The Road." The book is a razor-shop meditation -- almost a thought experiment -- on what it would mean to remain human if the social and physical world and all hope for the future had died. The writing is hypnotic, poetic, almost Biblical. The vistas of planetary environmental death are heart-rending, yet make the moments of loyalty and kindness seem like flashes of grace. Once I started "The Road" I could barely put it down, except for the last 20 pages or so, when I had to stop reading in order to collect myself. Few novels drill down to human bedrock the way "The Road" does. It will endure.
  • VAMommy5633 - very close to perfect!I really like this stroller. After doing 9 months of research (while pregnant) and now 9 months into my son's first year, I keep coming back to Britax products. We already have the SummitXC by BabyJogger and I would not recommend the B-Agile as a "jogger". But as a travel stroller or for quick errands, you can't beat this stroller. Yes, everyone compares it to the CityMini. But in the end I preferred the Britax because of the overall price (factoring in accessories like rain covers, travel bags, parent consoles etc), the brake (don't like the bar across the BabyJogger products unless you always wear runners) and the harness clasp. The only thing I don't like (which applied to the CityMini as well) is the "infinite" recline seat. I (and my son) would prefer a more upright seat position that our other Britax stroller offers. Otherwise, I treasure this stroller for it being super lightweight and narrow profile. We recently went to Boston for a vacation and this was a breeze to pop a wheelie, fold up or lift onto the T. The suspension was pretty good and made for a decently smooth ride (as good as you can get for any stroller weighing less than 20lbs). Highly recommend.
  • CG Enterprises "Carl Gauthier" - Great Accounting SoftwareThe two new features that save me an incredible amount of time are the Excel Integration and the Document Center. I can now extract info to Excel and keep my formatting as set in QB. The Documentation Center is a great new add-on allowing me to attach customer documents to their records, thereby stream-lining the process of finding supporting documents.