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Country: Europe, PL, Poland

  • Nononsense - Abbreviated and Opinionated GuideThis book is not a comprehensive guide to Germany, but in typical Rick Steves fashion is his opinionated guide to what an typical American traveler would find interesting. This is his mode of operation for all his guides and he has years of experience of taking tourists to Europe to be a good judge of what Americans enjoy. All his guides provide the details for touring on your own, with a wealth of details on sights, transportation, accommodations, restaurants. The Germany guide is one of his weakest, since it ignores large areas of the country including most of the north as well as Heidelberg, which he writes off as too touristy. Nevertheless, for those travelers seeking an introduction to the country will find more than enough information for a very pleasant and enlightening trip to the highlights of Germany. Those with a real sense of German culture, history, and a grasp of the language can find other more comprehensive guides; they are not the target of his book. If you are on a first or second trip to Germany and want the details of where the train station is, and what the interesting sights are and what to skip, and guidance on where to spend your time--this is your guide.
  • Hannah - You have to be very strict on this diet, but it will work.My husband has been on the SCD since 2009. He was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2008. Before the diet, he had frequent BMs and a lot of blood in the stool. He had to go on Prednisone to get that under control. Since the diet, his BMs are usually normal and he is only on Azathiaprine - he has managed to stay away from steroids this entire time. His blood work is great. This may or may not be a miracle fix for you - for instance, he still feels nausea, fatigue, and cramping on some occasions. But his symptoms have been greatly reduced. When he first started he was too sick to cook for himself and I took over the cooking. On my end, I have become a huge cooking enthusiast. I make all of his food for him and even blog about it now ( He was on his way to severe Crohn's disease and while this is not a 100% fix, he now experiences mild Crohn's disease on a daily basis and can live a mostly normal life. You need to stick to the diet religiously - think of this more like Atkins or Kosher - you're eating that way, or you're not. It works if you are strict with it. We've had to start the diet over once after a family member fed him SCD illegal food and caused a flare up. But if you're strict, it'll seriously help you.