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  • John R. Turner - Klipsch HD beats them all!We recently purchased a Panasonic P60GT50 and wanted a nice sound bar for it. A quick trip over to Costco and we came home with the Yamaha YAS101 sound bar. It was OK if sitting directly in front of them, but lacked fullness of sound and lacked a wide enough sound stage for our room’s configuration. Back to Costco and this time we came home with a Sony BDV-T79 5.1 solution. The Yamaha sounded fuller, and even with the wireless sub and wired surround speakers, the wires kept getting in the way and were not aesthetically pleasing for the room. So, due to our room’s configuration a full 5.1 solution is out of the question and we were off and looking for a good alternative. We tried the Bose CineMate II and found the sound lacking the fullness we desired. Swung past the Bose store and listened to the CineMate 1 SR and wasn’t impressed at all considering their price and the joke of a 3D sound stage they attempted to produce. Off to the Internet and more searching occurred until I stumbled across the Klipsch HD Theater SB 3. They had just been released and I wasn’t able to locate a review anywhere on them, but I had enjoyed a 5.1 Klipsch solution we had used in our previous home so I took a chance on them. Wow, what a difference! This is a great 2.1 soundbar solution that provides (1) a broad sound stage, (2) rich/full sound, and (3) clear dialog. The others could provide 2 of the 3, but not all 3. Hands down, the SB3 is a clear winner.
  • Sportsman - AMAZINGBEST TABLET EVER. THAT'S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID!I have no idea what these other people are mumbling about; there are no issues with the prime whatsoever. It is a perfect product.
  • Dabrink - Game was patched - Very funI'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews. I got hooked right away and still am hooked. I haven't once resorted to real money auction house. The gold in-game auction house has plenty of items, and I've used it exclusively to make it through inferno. They've made some improvements in the latest patch that I think helped considerably. I'm not sure why the reviews are still getting 1 star. I think expectations were too high. D2 was a legendary game, and this one is very good - still worthy of a 5 star I feel.

    The latest patch allowed players to still "level" after 60. It also unleashed a bunch of new legendary items. This has improved the overall quality of items in the auction house, improved characters, and made the game less frustrating in inferno.

    One thing to note, there are heavy graphics requirements, and this game seems to "freeze" up from time to time (for 20-30 seconds) when trying to display some of the heavier graphics areas. I believe this is a flaw in the game, since this used to never happen before the latest patch. It may just need to be re-installed. However, this also affects other players in the game with me (they freeze as well at times when I'm in the game).
  • Grace - Excellent quality and service!I recently bought this network camera to keep an eye on our home when away, as well as to see our cat (when nobody is watching!). The installation is relatively simple but I did get stumped and had to call for support. The response was immediate and the set up was complete within a few minutes for home network viewing as well as for website viewing (off network, anywhere) from any computer with internet connection, and from my iPhone! (I used an app called Baby Monitor). The quality of the picture is excellent, so much so that I am ordering a second camera to cover the rest of the living space at home.
    Couldn't be happier!