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  • Darlene Jones - Worth every penny

    Beautiful Ruins is the most expensive ebook I've bought to date. After reading the sample and some reviews, I wanted to buy the book, but hesitated over the price. Thankfully my first instinct ruled. Walter peoples the book with a disparate cast of characters and brings them together in intriguing and unexpected ways.

    Despite their foibles, each person has redeeming qualities that engage sympathy. Furthermore Walter has them make hard decisions that seem foolhardy or plain stupid. In resolving the consequences of these decisions with the lives the characters lead, Walter spins a tale that not only holds our interest, but makes us feel that we are there with them, rooting for the underdog. The ending is wrapped up, not cleanly, but definitely realistically.

  • John Killough - Great tablet

    I bought this for my wife, and eventually got one for myself as well. It is an amazing tablet for the price. It can do a lot, but because of the special Amazon version of the android operating system it can not do everything a generic android tablet can. This is especially good if you consume a lot of Amazon media content.

  • Shauna Rose - Hope is here!

    What a wonderful product! Instant absorption that makes you feel like your skin just passed through the hydrating mist of a waterfall. Allows for immediate makeup application with no tackiness or residual oily feel on skin. Wish the fragrance were a little more fresh but wouldn't use anything else!